Plane Crash Dream Meaning: What Does It mean To Dream of Seeing a Plane Crash?

Dream of Seeing a Plane Crash

What does it mean to dream about seeing a plane crash? Dream meaning of a plane crash may have an association with some negative event or phase of your past.  Though you have now moved on and that phase is over but still the memories are fresh. What Do Airplanes Signify In Dreams? Airplanes in your dream often are interpreted as symbol of your ambitions, aspirations in life.

A plane crashing dream might be an indication of your fear or stress of not being able to cope up well with the difficulties that are coming in way of your aspirations. As per dreams theory, such a dream may be an indication that you are losing direction or heading towards a wrong path. Continue scrolling in this article to read all about Plane Crash Dream Meaning or What does it mean to dream of seeing a plane crash?

Dream of Seeing a Plane Crash
Dream of Seeing a Plane Crash, Photo Credit: flydealfare .com

What Do Airplane Signify In Dreams?

An Airplane in dream signifies your desire to grow in life – higher aspirations, high goals, success, achievements or ambitions. Dreaming about airplane is a positive dream as the flight represents the scope of growth or improvement.

The dream about Airplane or any space shuttle of flying objects is generally associated with your plans, goals and the right direction. You are flying high may indicate that you are on the right track and will get success soon.

What Do Airplane Crashing Signify In Dreams?

If you dream about an airplane crash, then it may be a symbol of your consternation, apprehension or trepidation. So, your dream about airplane crashing implies some situation or aspect of our life is disturbed and you are anxious about it. It could also be a sign of your inner battle. There is a contradiction of thoughts, your conscious self is not agreeing with your subconscious mind and this battling situation is giving you nightmares of plane crash.

A plane crash dream may also be the fear of losing someone or failure. Maybe there is a clash between your efforts and dreams. You are not giving in your best efforts to achieve your dream and somewhere you have a realization of this fact. Despite of this realization, your efforts are still not up to the mark. It could also be just a wrong anticipation that you may not be able to do it properly or might mess up the things.

Plane Crash Dream Meaning
Plane Crash Dream Meaning, Photo Credit: dw .com

It could also be a fear of losing someone or something in your life, to understand your dream you must pay attention to the details of your dream to understand the association of the dream with your waking life. If it is about your efforts, take the dream as a signal and work harder and if it is about the fright of losing someone, you must try and understand what the reasons behind your fright are. Is it the illness, fight, argument or behavioral issues?

What does watching a plane crash in my dream mean?

Watching an airplane crash in dream may be a sign of some problem of your life that requires your serious attention. Maybe your inner self or subconscious has sensed the problem but your conscious self is denying it or not taking it for granted.

A plane crashing dream may also be as sign of an upcoming threatening situation in your waking life. You need to analyze this probable threatening situation and must stay alert about the outcomes and damage that it might cause you.

Such dreams may also have an association with your underachieved goals or desires. The reasons could be anything; maybe you were stuck up in the routine activities and never got the time to work towards your dreams or it may also imply lack of efforts on your part. You must take the dreams as a sign either its is your subconscious suggesting you that you need to set new goals in life or you must start moving in the direction of those goals.

Dream Meaning of Falling from Stairs: What do falling from stairs symbolise in dreams?

Falling from stairs in dream

What Does Falling Down The Stairs In Your Dream Mean? Dream about falling down the stairs may represent your anxiety about different aspects of life like career, money, status, self image, personal competence or capacities. Falling from stairs in your dream may also indicate your vulnerability of a situation or incidence in life. What Does It Mean When You Repeatedly Get Dreams Of Falling Down A Flight of Stairs?

Repeated occurrence of such a dream may be an indication of health concern or it may be  your stress in anticipation of an action which you probably feel has gone wrong somewhere.

Falling from stairs
Falling from stairs

Why Do I Keep Having Dreams Of Myself Falling Down Stairs? Maybe it is an indication of an undesirable or incorrect situation or unacceptable aspect of your life which now needs a corrective action. Scroll down further in this section to know more about – What Does Falling Down The Stairs In Your Dream Mean And Symbolize?

What Does it Mean When You Repeatedly Get Dreams of Falling Down from Stairs?

Stairs in dream symbolize fortune and especially if you are going upwards but falling from stairs is not considered as a good sign. Seeing yourself falling from stairs in your dream signifies losses or disappointments. The dream can be associated with any aspect of your waking life- work life, reputation, personal relationships or financial status.

Such a dream may also suggest that you are running away from your subconscious which means you are not ready to accept or face your own inner feelings. Or maybe it is your fear in anticipation; you are feeling insecure that you might lose your hard earned status, money, respect or maybe people who you love.

Falling from stairs in dream
Falling from stairs in dream

Who is Responsible for your Fall?

The dream about falling from stairs may suggest different interpretations on the basis of how and why you are falling in your dream. Are you alone in your dream or someone else is with you who is responsible for your fall? Let’s consider the dream scenarios one by one.

If you see yourself falling on your own like you lost your balance and fall then it may suggest your inhibitions, lack of confidence or fears about life situations. If you lost the grip of your foot or hand over the supporting railing in your dream then it may reflects issues with your companion or colleague.

If someone is with you in your dream and is the reason of your fall then it indicate someone around you in your waking life is the obstacle in your way so beware of his/her intentions for you. Maybe his/her negativity or toxicity is killing or challenging your confidence and not letting you move forward in life.

Falling from stairs in dream
Falling from stairs in dream

Falling From Stairs Dream and Self-Doubt

Seeing yourself tripping from the stairs may also suggest your insecurities or self doubt. To understand your dream of falling from stairs you need to evaluate your waking life circumstances and also the reasons which are leading to this self harming thought process. Maybe the dream has connected with an incidence of the past.

Well in that case the call of the situation is what is already done is gone and can’t be mended so you need to let it go. Making mistakes is okay but dragging it and grudging about it is not, and especially when it can affect your future course of action.

What You Can Do to Stop The Occurrence of Falling From Stairs Dream? Buck yourself up and drop your inhibitions. Realization of your mistakes in itself is a sign that you have improved for better and mistake was the learning experience. If you feel that you can still take over that situation and correct it, then your dream is suggesting you to fix it.

Falling from stairs
Falling from stairs

Rolling Down the Stairs or Falling on the Stairs in Your Dream

If you see yourself rolling down from the staircase then it indicates that upcoming time will be emotionally very draining. You may face problems or misunderstandings in love or personal relationships.

Falling on the stairs in your dream suggest that you need to be watchful as coming future may bring tricky and suspicious situations or someone who is a tough cookie. Falling on stairs is a negative sign and represent financial losses and health challenges.