Airplane Falling Dream Meaning: What is the meaning of plane crash in dream?

What does it mean if I dream of an airplane crash? To dream of a plane crash may relate to a dreamer’s waking life stress, apprehensions, agitation, foreboding or frenzied state of mind. The dream of an airplane falling may have different meanings to everyone depending on their personal waking life situations and experience and thus it is important to pay attention to details, symbols, feelings, and surroundings of the dream to get the closest clue.

An Airplane in a dream may symbolize the direction or path to your life goals, your success, or accomplishments and thus a crashing airplane may have an association with your plans, goals, or projections as well. On a positive note, such a dream may also be a sign of good life ahead. Let’s scroll to explore more in detail about – Airplane Falling Dream Meaning: What is the meaning of plane crash in dream?

Airplane Falling
Airplane Falling, Image Credit: Komite Nasional Keselamatan Transportasi (KNKT) – National Transportation Safety Committee, Republic of Indonesia

General Dream Meaning of a Plane Crash

If you see an airplane crash in your dream then it may be a representation of your inner fright associated with something in your waking life. It could be a goal, a plan, a new venture, a job, or even a relationship. To get a clear clue of the dream, pay attention to every detail like did you someone in the dream, what was that person doing, your feelings, any particularly noticeable trait of that person. How you were feeling during the dream, were you scared, stressed, disgusted, or overwhelmed with emotions. Do you remember any location where the plane crashed? Maybe it is a sign that you need to face or overcome your fears.

The dream of an airplane crash may also reflect an uncontrollable situation or person in your waking life. Here again, your feelings can be the biggest clue like if you felt disgusted in the dream of embarrassed in the dream, there might be some situation or some person in your waking life who is the cause of this but you are not able to stop him or take control of the situation. As we mentioned, an airplane in your dream is a symbol of path or direction towards your dream of life goals, an airplane crash may represent that you are not in control or losing control of something which will take you away from your goals.

It could also represent a wrong plan or defective planning to get to your goals. The dream could also be a representation of stress or anxiety related to your relationships, family, or even work fronts. On the contrary, the dream meaning of a plane crash may also be a hint at an upcoming happy life for you or your loved ones. Maybe you get the message your subconscious is trying to deliver you through your dream and overcome your frights, be more responsible and wise or learn to connect with your instinct.

Let’s take a clue from the location or surroundings of your dream further.

Dream Meaning of an Airplane Crashing In Water

If you see an airplane crashing into the water in your dream then it may reflect that you are totally submerged in the stress or anxiety or fear of something in your waking life. You might be totally stuck up in certain difficult situations or absolutely clueless about the solution.

Do you resist taking help from someone or expressing your problems as well, if yes take it as a sign or test for who your real supporters are, so stay open to new suggestions, help, or advice from someone in your waking life? This may not be the time for I know it all or Jack of all, so consider the help or advice for your good. This someone could also be stranger, you never know but will certainly give you a positive lesson or learning for life.

Dream Meaning of an Airplane Crashing In Mountain

Such a dream may be a sign of warning or a piece of advice not to invite trouble for yourself. The dream of an airplane crash in a mountain may reflect that someone around you doesn’t want you to succeed or will do anything to stop you from succeeding. Maybe your coming situation may bring some scenarios that can provoke sentiments or lead to certain arguments but try to stay away from them. It could also be the general competition or rivalry, but stay careful.