Rats Dream Interpretation: What does it mean when you dream about rats?

What does it mean when you see a rat in your dream? The dream meaning of rat is mostly associated with your subconscious state of mind. The dream may indicate your feelings of fright of being betrayed by someone in your waking life. Such dreams may also be associated with your own gluttonous feelings or spite towards someone in your life. What does rat in your dream symbolize? Rat in dreams is symbolic of a sense of discomfort.

The discomfort could be due to your health or personal discomfort of sharing your space or life with someone in your waking life. It may also simply be symbolic of your feelings of unease in certain situations or in the company of certain people. Is seeing a rat dream brings good luck? A rat in dream is associated with both positive and negative interpretations. Let’s explore further in this article, What does it mean when you dream about rats?

Rats Dream Interpretation
Rats Dream Interpretation | Image Credit: Forbes

Dream Meaning of Rat- Negative Interpretations

The meaning of a rat in dream may have both positive and negative interpretations. The clear interpretation of the dream is based on your current situation of your waking life. Negatively, a rat in a dream is not considered as a good symbol as they indicate betrayal, self-doubt or self-condemnation, repentance or rapacity.

You may see a rat in your dream if your waking life situation or your emotional state of mind is engrossed with any of the above-mentioned feelings or thoughts. You may also see a rat in your dream if you or your close ones are facing certain ailment or illness or if you or them are about to face it. So, a rat here in your dream can be taken as a warning or precautionary measure.

You may also see a rat in dream if you are feeling awkward about certain instance of your past or some action of yours. You need to keep a watch on your surroundings or your friends as rats in dreams may also indicate selfish motives of someone around you. It may also be the same if you are having such feelings or intent for someone.

Rat in your dream in context of your love life is also not a good sign as you may meet someone or feel close to someone who is actually not right for you or has pure or good feelings for you.

Dream Meaning of Rat- Positively

Spiritually, a rat in your dream may be an indication of enlightenment or new beginnings. You may discover a new side of your personality. It may also indicate the freedom from some big emotional burden or some fear that has been killing your peace for long. The rat in your dream is associated with the change that you wish to bring in your life; you may confront people or situations which you have been avoiding.

The rat dream is also associated with survival and intellect. The cute little species is also considered as one of the smartest species, so a rat in your dream can also be a reminder for you to act smart in certain situations in your life. Are you relying on someone too much or feeling incapable or unworthy? You need to trust your capabilities, stop blindly trusting or overly trusting people.

Some More Rat Dream Interpretations

Seeing a White Rat in dream: The dream may indicate that someone around you may not be true to you or is maybe hiding his/her true intent. A white rat in dream is connected with faith and virtue. You need to closely observe your situation and trust your instinct rather than trusting someone else’s words or beliefs.

A rat chasing you in dream: The dream may indicate some situation or problem or some person in your waking life which you will not be able to avoid despite all your efforts to do so.

A giant rat in dream: A giant or huge rat in dream may also indicate that it is time to face or confront your problems. The huge rat in your dream represents huge problems or problematic situations that you have been avoiding for a long time.

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Dreaming of rats may indicate that you’re currently experiencing worry or anxiety, particularly if you’re already aware of your poor health. According to dream guides, this dream can also be a bad omen associated with jealousy or envy, as well as the fear of betrayal or being stabbed in the back by someone close to you. Your dream of rats may also signify a feeling of being overwhelmed or out of control in your life. It’s essential to examine the context of your dream and your emotions associated with it to gain insight into the underlying issues.