Spider Dream Meaning and Interpretation: What Does It Mean?

Spider dreams are mostly associated with entrapment and temptations which are hard to ignore or emotional complexities. Alternatively, dream of a spider is also a positive sign, it signifies an end to your problems, your creativity and patience will help you overcome your difficult situations.

Spider dreams reflects an entrapment into an uncertain aspect of your life, it could be your personal feelings, financial problems or problems at your work place. You are trapped in it but you are not able to find a way to come out of it or solve your problem. Read further in this article Spider Dream Meaning and alternatives associated with Spider Dream Interpretation.

Spider Dream Interpretation
Spider Dream Interpretation

What is the symbolic meaning of spiders?

Symbolically Spider represents creativity and thus it reflects a close connect with feminine energy. It also symbolizes persistence, hard work, tolerance and luck. A motherly like figure, a strong over powering mother or a feminine force, which is an allure for you or you can say that it has very strong influence on you.

An alternative theory to it also suggest that the spider you see in your dream is a reference of some power which is protecting you from self destruction, just like a mother would do to her kids.

What does seeing a spider mean spiritually?

Spiritually Spider Dream Meaning suggests that you are blessed with an empathy and accord, to understand detailed and delicate situations and create new ideas. The web of the spider and the creativity and science behind the weaving of the web suggests a lot about your situations in your life.

Spiritually a spider is also seen as a sign of power and accomplishment. If you are working hard towards your goal, the spider dream is reflection of power that will match with your energy and will make you achieve your goal, so if success is your ultimate goal, then spider dream is a sign that you will get it soon in plenty.

Spider Dream Meaning
Spider Dream Meaning

Killing a spider in a dream meaning

Killing Spider Dream Interpretation signifies both positive and negative sign. Negative interpretation takes its roots from old times and suggests that killing a spider in your dream is a bad sign; it denotes misfortune, disappointment, a bad news or a rotten luck.

However, the positive interpretation suggests that you will be soon overcoming a sensitive and tender problem of your life. It can also be interpreted as freedom from a strong feminal temptation.

Spiders crawling on you dream meaning

A crawling spider on you in your dreams is a sign of upcoming hardships that you will face. The crawl of the spider suggests some tough situation or a problem is coming your way. Take it as a warning and stay careful to face the uncertain situation.

Spider Dream Meaning
Spider Dream Meaning

Alternative Spider Dream Interpretations

Seeing a spider in your dreams suggests some sort of entrapment, web like situation which is too complicated and vicious. Dreaming of a huge and scary snake and a dark room full of spiders signifies feeling of anxiety. Waking up in your dream with a spider on top of you is a positive sign; it suggests an end to your ongoing problems and worries.

Tickling by spider or presence of spider in your home in your dream suggests presence of problems and difficulties. Being bitten by a spider signifies female dominance and your need to prove your worth.

You are keeping the spider as your pet in your dream, the dream suggests your desire for love and affection, however if the spider is chasing you in your dream, it is a sign of deception, a cheating or fraud by some person.

Article first published on May 9, 2020.

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