Flying Peacock in Dream Meaning: What Does It Mean?

What does it mean when you see a peacock fly? The dream of seeing a flying peacock may signify the beginning of a very positive or favorable period of your life. What does Peacock Symbolize in Dreams? Peacock in dreams is considered a symbol of fondness, compassion, opulence, a transition or turnaround, spiritual or eternal shielding, prestige, or a streak of luck following you in your coming future.

This large magnificent bird is known for its short flight and long walking capabilities. In dreams, the length of the flight of the peacock in your dream may suggest the tenure of the period of luck in the dreamer’s waking life. The dream of flying peacock may have mixed dream interpretations, mostly good but also bad. Based on your current life situation, the flying peacock dream may hold different interpretations for everyone. Continue scrolling to know what the dream of peacock holds for you, let’s see!

Flying Peacock in Dream Meaning
Flying Peacock in Dream Meaning, Image Credit: Servophbabu

General dream Meaning of Flying Peacock

Seeing a peacock flying in a dream is mostly a positive sign. This mystical bird is considered as a symbol of good luck, so you may assume that a favorable period of your life is about to begin in the coming future or has already begun. Noticing other details of the dream like surroundings, your feelings, and length of flight may also contribute a lot to understanding the true interpretation of the dream for you.

Positively, the dream may suggest success in your plans, monetary gains, a piece of happy news, harmony in relationships, spiritual awakening, and strength.  If you see a peacock flying in your dream, the distance, duration, or length of flight may suggest the longevity of the prosperous period in the dreamer’s life.

If the flight was long, and other details of the dream were okay, get ready to enjoy a lovely and a prosper phase of your life. If the length of the flight is of short duration or length, then it may imply, good luck but your favorable period may not stay for long but is equally valuable and cherishable. The dream may relate to all aspects of your life, your work life, personal life, and even your social life.

Dream Meaning of Flying Peacock and Pride or Egotism

Alternatively, seeing a peacock flying in a dream may also reflect some irritating or worst aspects of your nature in your waking life. The symbol of peacock in dreams is mostly a symbol of accomplishments and success in a dreamer’s life but it may also signify condescension, snobbery, or egotism.

Maybe your success or accomplishments have changed your attitude towards your loved ones or other acquaintances in your waking life. You may not be the only lucky person on this earth, your overconfidence may put you in a loser’s position if you will stay self-absorbed in your pride and keep ignoring the competition coming from outside.

The flight of the peacock represents your overconfidence and soaring pride. Your subconscious mind is trying to warn you of this utter arrogant attitude. The dream may also suggest that maybe you are flying on cloud nine but this flight is going to be short and you will soon hit back to the ground reality in your waking life and then you will be all alone.

Relationships and Dream of Flying Peacock

Do you express yourself in relationships? A flying peacock in the context of a relationship may imply overwhelming sentiments. The dream may suggest that in the coming future, you will show great enthusiasm in your relationships.

You will speak your heart and mind or may even see a burst of feelings. The dream can be considered as a symbol of fulfillment, gratification, passion, eroticism, and fresh beginnings in your current life. Do not forget to observe the details of the dream, there may be a clear clue for you.