Seeing Ostrich in Dream Meaning: What does the ostrich represent?

What does the ostrich represent in dreams? The dream meaning of seeing an Ostrich may represent a fugitive attitude of the dreamer, a tendency to escape from the truth. It’s like you have a blindfold on your eyes and you refuse to see what is in front of you except what you believe or want to believe. What does it mean to see the dream of catching Ostriches? If you see yourself hunting these tall species then maybe a long-time held travel plan with your loved ones is in the coming future.

The dream of Ostrich is a very rare dream and may hold a lot of interpretations based on the details of the dream. Talking about the rarity of the dream, if you see an ostrich in the dream as you recently talked about it or watched something about it or if it has shown any sort of occurrence in your current life, may not require any dream analysis. For others who have this dream let’s read in detail more about- Seeing Ostrich in Dream Meaning: What does the Ostrich represent?

Seeing Ostrich in Dream Meaning
Seeing Ostrich in Dream Meaning, Image Credit: Yathin S Krishnappa

Dream Meaning of Seeing Ostrich

The dream of seeing Ostrich may reflect a lot about the dreamer’s mindset, behavior, or tendency to deal with people or situations in his/her waking life. An Ostrich in your dream may suggest that you find it hard to gulp the fine or the basic reality or truth. You have surrounded yourself with a self-made deceptive, picture book or belief set and you refuse to believe in anything beyond that.

You see everything from your eye and perception, what others believe or the reality is irrelevant to you. You feel you are indefectible or irreproachable. Maybe your dream is guiding you to something which is related to your attitude and your current life circumstances. There are a lot of dream interpretations of an Ostrich dream, based on the details of the dream, we have covered a lot of details in the coming sections, continue scrolling till you find yours or related to yours!

Dream Meaning of Ostrich Feathers

If you see Ostrich feathers scattered all over in your dream then it may suggest arguments, fights, or conflicts with close ones or those who matter to you a lot in the coming future. You may end up losing someone in the process too, so, try to be more rational, unprejudiced, accepting, or receptive.

Dream Meaning of Ostrich and a Problem Confronting Troubles

Are you too much dependent on someone in your life? The dream of Ostrich may also represent your tendency to escape or hide from situations or people who you think can question you or put you in any kind of troubling situation. Maybe you have been overprotected or over-pampered and there is always someone by your side to take over your problems or help with them and thus you feel that you will not be able to tackle any such situation alone.

In the end, you will not like the situation yourself as you will feel low or inferior in front of others who are your age taking care of their problems and matters on their own. Maybe your subconscious is advising you to grow up and come out of your cocoon. You must take charge of your life before you start enjoying or get more used to of this shielding by your loved ones and the struggle gets too tough to deal with for you.

Dream Meaning Of Running Away from an Ostrich

Such a dream may be suggestive of any unpleasant argument or reaction which you might initiate or participate in but regret later on as it might go in a wrong direction or end up offending someone close to you io associated with you. Your dream is a warning from your subconscious mind to watch out for the people who you confide in or obviously your words or inputs in that regard.

If you see other people running away from an ostrich in a dream then it may suggest that you will enjoy or be happy in others’ defeat. Maybe you think that person considers himself superior to others or maybe it’s your own insecurity or jealousy covering up for the joy of the defeat of that person.  Again your subconscious mind is questioning your conscience about the reasons for your happiness in anyone’s defeat or to confront the grudge that you are holding against that person (if any).

Dream Meaning of Feeding an Ostrich

Who is feeding the Ostrich in your dream? Is it you, then the dream may suggest you are feeding yourself, your dream is suggestive of self-praise, boastfulness, narcissism, or pride. If you someone else feeding the ostrich in the dream then it may suggest that someone around you will shower you with praises and admiration in your waking life.

This someone could also be someone close to you, maybe your subconscious mind is asking you to go slow, or be modest or less arrogant as you have the tendency to get carried away with the praise and compliments.