Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning and Interpretation: What Does It Mean? Let’s Interpret Now!

Teeth dreams are a symbol of your zeal and self- reliance and teeth falling out dream is a depiction of a loss of self esteem and confidence; a major life change, ageing, physical complexes, status and monetary losses or may be a collapsing career. Let’s understand Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning and Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation quickly and clearly in this section.

Seeing a dream wherein your teeth are falling just like that, too often?  Falling teeth dream surely is a spine tingling one but the dream is not just associated with some bad news, it could also be a positive sign. Let’s refer both the aspects:

Teeth Falling Out Dream
Teeth Falling Out Dream, Image Credit: clevelandclinic .org

Teeth Falling Positive Signs: Meaning and Interpretations

1. Personal Growth Sign

A dream of falling teeth symbolizes a development or progress. Teeth represents growth, we are born without teeth, then we get our milk teeth and moving to later stages our milk teeth break and we get our adult teeth. So, falling teeth can be interpreted as a succession or movement to the next stage of life.

2. Your Secret Wish

A dream of falling teeth may also be an indication of facing the real challenges of your life and this time is the testing time. If you succeed here, things will turn in your favor and you will be great. The dream could also mean that you are feeling nostalgic of the old carefree and protective times.

3. Potential Growth and Loss

Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning can also be interpreted as a watch-out time, situational changes  and personal aspects that you have been hiding or neglecting throughout, now need to be addressed.

4. Symbol of Power and Self Esteem

Teeth are a symbol of vigor and self confidence. Falling teeth dream can be interpreted as an improvement time; the dream signifies an improved and raised level of confidence in your personal life or work life.

5. Giving Birth to Something New

Falling teeth dream may also mean an end to a old suffering and an announcement of good news. The good news could pertain to any category – a new job, a relationship, a house or may be a success at professional front.

Teeth Falling Negative Signs: Meaning and Interpretations

1. Feeling of Insecurity

Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation may also depict negative signs like major loss or an important life change which is making you feel insecure, a personal or a professional change like an end to a relationship or a change of job or workplace which is making you feel insecure by reminding of the old lost comforts.

2. High-end Compromises

Teeth Falling Out Dream is also an indication of tough decisive times, when you are not able to decide or choose the right path for you. Indecisive approach here could be because of tough choices or may be wrong options.

3. Reluctance About Choice-making

A falling teeth dream also depicts a situation where you are feeling stuck and you are just not ready to take a decision, like when your brain is suggesting you to take up an offer which apparently, sounds lucrative but inside, you want to move into an exactly opposite direction, so you don’t feel okay with either of them.

4. Self Image Concerns

Teeth Falling Out Dream is a very common dream among people who are aging or who have issues with their physical changes. The dream also shows a fear of inefficiency and lack of confidence at your work place or professional front.

5. Sigmund Freud’s Interpretations

As per Freud’s interpretations, the dream represents the sexual suppression. You need to open up when it comes to your sexual fears; you need to release the sexual energy which you have been suppressing and start interacting with your partner about your desires or urges.

Why You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out

If you’ve a dream of teeth falling out, you might be facing important life changes and some kind of loss, like your personal relations breakup or a change of job, you did an expensive compromises, etc.

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