Constant Dreams of the Same Person: Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?

Constant Dreams of the Same Person

What Does It Mean When You Have The Same Dream Over And Over About The Same Person? A constant dream of same person represents your inner feelings which you may not be acknowledging in your conscious state. Dreams of recurring nature and about the same person may also suggest that some aspect of your life which clearly is very important to you is associated with that person. What Does It Mean When You Have A Dream About The Same Person Twice?

Dreaming about same person twice or maybe more than that may also suggest that somewhere deep inside you are worried about their well being. What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Appearing In Your Dreams? If someone keeps appearing in your dream then it may also be the call of your subconscious to solve what was left in between or express your true feelings. Scroll down further to understand few more related interpretations about- Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person?

Constant Dreams of the Same Person
Constant Dreams of the Same Person | Photo Credit: dailymail

Spiritual Meaning of Constant Dreams of Same Person

Spiritually, constant dreams about same persons depicts that you share a strong connect with that person in your waking life. The recurring dreams about that person suggest that you are emotionally attached to that person or share similar energies with him/her. As per dream interpretation theories such emotional connections are referred to as Karmic connections.

Spiritually these connections can be both- good or bad. If the person who is appearing in your dream is someone who you are very fond of or like then the connection and dream is good for you. There is nothing to worry about the dream as your psyche matches with him/her and your dream is just a reflection of that.

If the person who is appearing in your dream is someone you don’t like or hate then the dream is not good for you and you need to find a way to stop the dream. Such dreams are not considered good as they cause stress and aggression to you and your mental well health. If that person can be approached and something is unresolved between you two, you may try settling it.

On the contrary, you may try some mental healing practices that can give peace to your mind and help you recover the ill memories or remembrance of that person. Try meditating often as it helps in calming and de-stressing the inner soul.

Realization or Acknowledgment of Inner Feelings

Dreams about same person may also suggest that it is time to acknowledge your inner feelings to you and to that person in real. Maybe you are scared of rejection or denial but your expression or confession to that person will at least help you move to the next step in your waking life with or without him/her.

Dream About Same Person and Guilt

Constant dream about same person may also be associated with some incidence of past which needs to be corrected. Maybe your dream is a reflection of your guilt which you are not acknowledging but your subconscious is aware of. To get rid of the dream, it is important that you end this inner conflict. Mend your actions or say sorry, a heartfelt apology or confession to that person for your misdeeds or misbehavior may help you overcome your guilt.

Dream about Same Person and Chords of Memory

Constant dreams about same person may also suggest that you are missing that person. If that person is dead then it suggest that you subconscious has still not accepted this and it is still keeping those memories fresh through your dreams. It may also be your desire to see or meet him/her again or makeup for the time which you never spend when he/she was alive.

Such dreams may also suggest that some important aspect of your daily life is connected to that person. For instance – may be you are a lazy soul and this last moment rush habit is now affecting you or your work, now this person’s deep connection with you and his/her disciplined attribute is keeping the connect through dream.

Article first published on April 20, 2021.

Dream of Seeing Spiritual Guru: What Does It Mean? Let’s Understand

Seeing Spiritual Guru Dream

What Does Dream of Seeing Spiritual Guru Mean? Dream of seeing spiritual guru symbolizes self discovery, spiritual spirit or insight and rise into your higher self or sagacity. The dream interpretation sheds light on your inner wisdom and reflects that you have the capability to overcome your problems in life and be an inspiration to others.

To understand Dream Of Seeing Spiritual Guru Interpretation more clearly you need to pay attention on the words and thoughts of the Guru in your dream. Seeing a Guru in your dream may also imply you are seeking virtue, the money grubbing approach of yours or people around you doesn’t fascinate you anymore and you are looking for aesthetic and spiritual pleasure. Scroll down to understand What Does Dream Of Seeing Spiritual Guru Interpretation suggests about you.

Seeing Spiritual Guru Dream
Seeing Spiritual Guru Dream

Significance of Seeing Guru in your Dream

Seeing a Guru in your dream suggests that you are in pursuit of an authoritative and inspiring higher inner self. The dream may also imply that your inner wisdom and patience can help you overcome any fear or problem in your life; you just need to have a visionary and positive outlook towards it. The problems or fears which are constantly part of your life may initially look never ending or recurring to you, but this spiritual wisdom can help you analyze the root of all problems and can guide you with enough progressive probabilities to solve them.

Seeing A Guru in your Dream may also signify the desire for knowledge, artistry or inspiration. Despite of exploring this spiritually connected side of yours, you are pathless or unable to find the right direction to move in your life and you need guidance of Guru in your life.

The Guru in your dream may not necessarily mean a higher or spiritual guru. It may also be anyone around you, who can be your mentor and can show you the right path.

Dream Meaning of Seeing Spiritual Guru
Dream Meaning of Seeing Spiritual Guru

Guru Dream Interpretations

To understand Seeing a Guru in your Dream Interpretation more clearly it very important to recall or notice the person, who was like the Guru figure in your dream, what were the situations and surroundings and most important what were the teachings or words of Guru in your dream?

Presence of a Guru in your dream reflects self improvement and Seeing yourself as a Guru in your dream suggest a strong and pious transformation of your inner self. Seeing yourself portraying the role of an influential Guru who is teaching his followers may also imply that you are looking for respect, authority and with your wisdom and strong spiritual connect you can reach to that influential or inspiring position in your life.

Take the dream as a reminder from your subconscious mind to stay very watchful with words, as losing an influential or powerful place may take few seconds but it takes years to get it back or earn it back.

Seeing Spiritual Guru Dream
Seeing Spiritual Guru Dream

Seeing a Guru Dream a Positive Omen?

Most of the dream interpretation theories suggest presence of Guru or Mentor in your life is a positive sign. The Guru dream is like a blessing or prayer, the dream reflects presence of someone around you who will help you choose the right way to will solve your problems. The dream may also be a sign of forecoming good times or some good news.

Seeing Guru in your dream may also suggest that you will soon unleash the spiritual and powerful aspect of your life which is hiding inside you and is not yet ready to face or accept this new aspect of your life. The dream is a message from your subconscious mind to explore and acknowledge your inner intellect and accept the new transformations.

Article first published on June 11, 2020.