Dream of Giving Clothes to Someone: What does clothes represent in a dream?

What does it mean when you dream about clothes? Clothes in our dream are symbolic of our persona, it could also be a fake persona that we are trying to build in others’ eyes. The dream may also have an association with a desire for a change, change is inevitable and sometimes it is required to remove, alter or add some aspects of our lives to bring the desired change. Clothes in dreams may also represent our efforts to hide our true selves or our true sentiments, they may also represent our financial standing.

What does the dream of giving clothes to someone mean? Giving away clothes to someone in a dream may be a sign of understanding the need for connection, association, or communion. The dream of giving someone clothes may also represent your insecurities or your guilt. Dream of clothes has both negative and positive connotations that may be different for everyone. Continue scrolling to read in detail about Dream of Giving Clothes to Someone: What do clothes represent in a dream?

Dream of Giving Clothes to Someone
Dream of Giving Clothes to Someone, Image Credit: Clean Wal-Mart from United States

General Dream Meaning of Clothes Dream

Do you find it hard to express your true thoughts or do you feel people misunderstand you or don’t bother what you say? Giving clothes in a dream may have a close connection with the need to interact or communicate properly so that your real self can be highlighted. Maybe your dream is suggesting you change your perceptions or belief or follow the advice of your subconscious mind or someone who is a well-wisher.

Dream of clothes may have mixed meanings and interpretations, generally, the easiest clue to interpreting the clothes dream meaning is to observe the condition of the clothes in your dream. If you see brand new, trendy clothes or clothes in perfectly fine condition then it may represent wealth, well-being, ease, riches, triumph, alacrity, and cheerfulness. On the contrary, if you see soiled, torn, ripped, dull, faded, or stinky clothes in your dream then it may represent tussles, destitution, sufferings, misfortune, fiascos, and disappointments.

Apart from this, there are several other aspects that can be considered to understand the purpose of the dream. You need to focus on what was the highlight of the dream, any detail, which was specific, or any feeling that was intense to know and understand your dream. Like how you felt while giving the clothes or while receiving the clothes, did you like what you gave or get in your dream? Most of the time, your dream is the voice of your subconscious mind and thus the interpretation of your dream is personal and absolutely different for everyone.

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What Does it Mean to Dream About Clothes Hanging in Closet?

If you see clothes hanging in a closet in your dream then it may suggest that a certain aspect of your personality or your face is unknown to people around you. Clothes in dreams represent your image and that image is hanging inside your closed closet and nobody can see that. Maybe subconsciously you want that face of yours to come out or be known to people with your true self.

Giving Away Clothes in Dreams and Intuition

If you dream about giving clothes to someone then it may also suggest that you are desiring to change your focus or reroute your energies. You wish to trust your instincts and are ready to reveal or face hidden or deep-rooted aspects of your subconscious mind. Maybe there are certain emotions or feelings towards someone or for someone you have been denying or not acknowledging, as you were busy with your routines and made-up lifestyles. Your dream of giving away clothes suggests that you are ready for acceptance and for closure whatever the demand of your situation is.

Giving Away Clothes Dream and Guilt Trip or Indecisiveness

Do you have any regrets? Like you feel you have hurt someone at some point in your life and now you owe them an apology or a correction of the harm that you have caused. The dream here may represent the guilt feeling of the dreamer, maybe something you have missed, and if you have not, it would have helped someone in a big way.

The dream of giving clothes may also be suggestive of indecisiveness. Either you are over pampered over protected or extremely well off that you never faced the crisis of any sorts in your life. As now when it is time to take the decision you are unable to do it, maybe your dream is trying to offer some kind of help to you. You can consider the feelings, situations and other highlighting details of the dream to get to a decision or understand what your subconscious mind is advising you to do.

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