Dream Meaning of Someone Trying to Kill You: Let’s Understand It!

What does it mean when you dream someone is trying to kill you? The dream meaning of seeing someone trying to kill you in your dream may have a connection with your waking life circumstances. Are you trying to get rid of a certain situation or maybe a person around you mostly because of negative reasons? What you have been trying to escape, in reality, is now chasing you through your subconscious mind. On a lighter mode, have you recently watched any such related movie, series or have witnessed some real incidence?

Dream Meaning of Someone Trying to kill you may be related to your anxiety or stress too. The reasons for this stress or anxiety could be fears, judgments, dominations, your own manifestations. What does it mean if someone wants to kill you in a dream and someone else helps you escape? There are several interpretations that may form the basis of your dream and thus it is important to understand who is that someone in your dream who is trying to kill you or you save you. Let’s read out in detail- Dream Meaning of Someone Trying to Kill you and related interpretations.

Someone Trying to Kill You
Someone Trying to Kill You, Image Credit: CREATIVE COMMONS

General Dream Meaning of Dream of Someone Trying to Kill You

Seeing a dream of someone trying to control you may be an indication of fear of loss of control or domination by someone around you. Are you struggling with some problem or issue in your waking life, and it seems never-ending or vicious? Are your fears affecting you operate with difficulty or changing your way of being?

Subconsciously your fear of losing control over your situation is now attacking you in your dream. It can also be your manifestations which are made by your stressed and feared mind. Maybe some aspect (especially good aspects) of your personality is dying slowly because of some stressful situations or events of your waking life. Maybe your subconscious mind is driving you to that aspect that is getting killed through your dream.

However, if in your dream if you saw you are being escaped by someone, it is a good sign. Again, if we keep the identity part aside and consider only from point of view of your psychological state of mind, being escaped in your dream is a positive sign. It suggests that clearly, you have the inner strength to beat your inner fears, control issues, or recover that lost or dying aspect or quality of your personality.

To understand the dream meaning more clearly, you need to recall the details of your dream. Was the killer in your dream is known to you or was it a stranger? If he/she is an acquaintance, how he/she is related to your dream. There are several possibilities, one could be some incidence of the past or any argument that has made you part ways with that person or situation in your waking life. Let’s scroll down to read what does the identity of the killer in your dream suggests about your dream.

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Identity of the Killer in Dream – Stranger

If the killer in your dream is not known to you, it may represent your fear, we have discussed the fears in the above heading. The dream may also be a warning from your subconscious mind of some situation or problems that you might come across in the future soon. Clearly observe, did you ditch the killer, or did someone save you in the dream?

If yes, it is a good sign and may indicate, you will be overcome your upcoming problems no matter how deadly or draining that could be. But if not, do keep this warning in your mind and be watchful about any decision or any movement in your waking life. Conflicts are problems that are not intentionally are often triggered by any of our action or gestures.

Identity of the Killer in Dream – Acquaintance

On the contrary, if the killer in your dream is someone known, a friend, relative, colleague, or any other acquaintance, you need to analyze the cause and purpose of the dream. Is there anything unresolved between you and him/her or have you been the reason for their hurt or vulnerability ever and especially when you subconsciously admit it but on the surface ignore it? The only way out is to try and make peace with the problem by communicating or apologizing or anything that can help you get over your guilt.

Such a dream may also indicate that you are either doubtful or not sure of that person’s intentions or vibes. You are internally scared of something about them.

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