Apocalypse Dream Meaning: What Does It Mean When You See Dream of End of The World

What does dreaming of the apocalypse mean? The dream of apocalypse maybe is an indication of your turmoiled inner state of mind. The reason for this turmoil could be a major switch or transition in your waking life in the context of your personal or professional life. Why am I dreaming about the apocalypse? The dream of apocalypse is a reflection of the shattered, pressured, or tensed state of mind.

On the personal front, you may see such a dream if you are about to enter into a new stage of life like parenting, marriage, or commitment. On the professional front, it may reflect the challenges or demanding or taxing work schedules. What does it mean when you see the world ending in your dreams? When you see the world coming to an end in your dream, it reflects fear, dismay, disquietude, or foreboding.

On a positive note, the Apocalypse dream may also be associated with spirituality. Let’s explore in detail about Apocalypse Dream Meaning and What Does It Mean When You See Dream of End of The World!

Apocalypse Dream Meaning
Apocalypse Dream Meaning, Image Credit: Staszek99

Why am I dreaming about the apocalypse?

Let’s explore the possibilities which are behind this dream. The dream meaning of Apocalypse maybe is an indication that you are having mixed feelings about a situation of your waking life. The dream majorly represents vagueness or ambivalence. Such a dream may also indicate that you are stuck up in your past which was a disaster or which is not letting you grow or move forward and make your present better.

The dream of Apocalypse may also be a sign of lack of effort, heedfulness, unreadiness, or remissness. You are aware of an event or situation approaching you and the fact that you need to be prepared for that but yet you are not ready for it. So, it is like a complete disaster, that situation or event will be a complete disaster because of your lack of effort, and through your dream, your subconscious is trying to bring that urgency to you.

The dream of Apocalypse could also be an indication of your feeling of not being prepared to face certain situations, take your dream as a sign and gather your courage and confidence; you will definitely succeed in your efforts. To get a clear clue about the situation you can consider the details of your dream. Let’s move to some important dream scenarios of the dream of Apocalypse.

Dream Meaning of surviving the Apocalypse

If you see that you survived the Apocalyse in your dream then it can be interpreted as a positive sign. Through your dream, your subconscious mind is asking you to have confidence or faith in yourself. You can survive the problematic phase of your life or successfully grow with the transition of your waking life. So, if you have your fears ( read the above subhead), leave them aside and stay consistent and determined.

Also, if you see some specific Apocalypse survival in your dream wherein you have saved the world from this end may indicate that in order to over come your anxieties, fears if you have to take help or support of someone, don’t hesitate.

Such a dream may also indicate spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Maybe in your waking life, you are moving to the next level which is spirituality. You are sending the real meaning and purpose of human life and getting detached from material or physical aspects of life.

Dream of being Killed in Apocalypse

Such a dream may not be a positive dream as it indicates that you have surrendered to the uncertainty or the negative circumstances or the people who are trying to control your life or maybe bully you or humiliate you. You and your subconscious are not able to cope up with the inner stress which is causing this Apocalypse feeling.

Remember every dream has a purpose, and if you are seeing the dream of Apocalypse, somewhere your subconscious is still giving you the clue or message to buck up and compose yourself for the uncertain future. The dream may hold equal meaning to your personal or work life.