Dream Meaning of Flood: What does it mean when you dream of flood?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Flood? Dreaming about flood represents your waking life circumstances, feelings or some person maybe that is beyond control and damaging your lives. Seeing a flood in your dream is majorly associated with negative interpretations but there can be exceptions to the dream as the clear meaning of your flood dream is based on your feelings during the dream.

What Does Flood Mean In A Dream? Dream Meaning Of Flood is also connected with new beginnings. The dream of flood may also suggest that you are deluged of certain emotions or beliefs.

Flood dream
Flood dream

To understand the dream meaning and its symbolism, you need to remember the details of your dream. Let’s explore some more flood dream interpretation and dream scenarios that may help you understand What Does It Mean When You Dream About Flood?

What does Flood Mean in a Dream?

If you see a flooded area in your dream then it may indicate ongoing problems or problematic situations in your life. It may also mean that you have recently come over a problem if your feeling during the dream were calm and relieved. The struggle of your journey so far especially the recent disturbance of your life is still haunting your inner peace.

Your feelings and experienced during the dream can be the best clue for deriving the right meaning and purpose of dream. What was the situation in your dream, what was the condition of water or what you were feeling during the dream? Like in the above scenario, if your feelings were calm then it may also indicate your victory over a problem which once was totally out of your control.

The dream of flood may also be a sign of suppressed emotions. Water here represents here your repressed thoughts and emotions.

Dreams About Flood Meaning and Interpretation
Dreams About Flood Meaning and Interpretation

When You Dream that Flood Swept Everything

If in your dream you see everything is swept by the flood water then it may also indicate a major change either a demanded one or a forced one. You need to recall your feelings and evaluate your waking life situations to understand the meaning of your dream.

If you were scared or anxious during the dream then it may suggest that you are scared of an undesired change and on the contrary if you were happy, relaxed or calm then it may suggest that you are longing for a major change. It could be anything a residence change, job switch or related to your personal life.

Seeing everything washed away by flood may portend sufferings, hardship, affliction or bad luck. Such a dream may also indicate that coming times of your waking life are going to be very troubling one. You may face negative situations at work, disagreement or coldness in relationship or health concerns.

Dream of Flood
Dream of Flood

If you are swept away by the flood then dream is surely a bad sign, stay cautious, positive and determined, there will be disturbances all over, work, family, and majorly health. Don’t ignore any disturbing health symptoms and if possible get regular health checkups done. Surrounded by flood water in your dream on the contrary indicates financial stability and prosperity.

Condition of Flood Water

If you see dirty water then it may suggest adverse situations, discomforts or undesired shifts or changes in your waking life. Clean flood water may suggest that you will get to your goals but there will be obstacles in your way.

If water is crystal blue then it is a positive dream and indicated success and fortune. It may also signify your victory over situations and problems.

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