Dream Meaning of Being Chased: What Does It Mean? Let’s Interpret Now!

Chased Dream Meaning is associated with our internal feelings like anxiety, vulnerability or may be escapism. The dream is a reflection of our behavior during waking life, certain aspect of our personality or life is not acceptable to us but we are living with it instead of changing it. Basically chasing dreams are result of the escapism in our life, the habit or may be fear of not facing the issues.

What Does Chasing Dream Signifies? The dream signifies dreamer’s fear, anxious feelings, narrow mindedness or resistant approach towards issues, personal ones or may be associated with surrounding circumstances or people. The Chasing Dream Analysis takes us to some relevant details of the dream like who was chasing you in your dream, was it you or someone else and how close you were to the chaser in your dream? Read in this section a detailed analysis of Chasing Dream Meaning.

Being Chased Dream Meaning
Being Chased Dream Meaning

Chasing Dream Meaning

Chasing Dream is a sign or message from your subconscious mind to take up or acknowledge the issue you have been avoiding or resisting. There might be a possibility that you have not realized or accepted that aspect which is affecting you so much, so to understand the Chasing Dream Meaning more clearly it is very important to understand the frame of reference of your dream.

Frame of Reference

To understand the purpose or message of your dream, you need to know who is the Chaser In Your Dream- a male, female, a shadow, an unknown figure or shape, some scary creature or was it ‘You’? The chasing dream may also reflect your vulnerability, some hidden emotions related to some unpleasant or undesired incident faced but about which you have not yet. Take the dream as a wake-up call from your inner soul or subconscious self and confront your fears to avoid getting the dream.

Dream Meaning of Being Chased
Dream Meaning of Being Chased

Chasing Dream Symbolism


Chasing Dream signifies that there are certain issues or circumstances in your real life which you are running away from. The dream is a sign from your subconscious self to face those issues and find ways to settle them.

Narrow-minded Approach

Chasing Dream may also signify your blind behavior to certain aspects, despite of realizing the fact that you need to change your perspective and acknowledge things the right way, you are just stuck-up with your old approach. Accepting the change or ideas may help you find answer to your chasing dream.

Vulnerability and Fear

Chasing dream may also reflect your fear or vulnerable feelings, some incidents of the past or may be facts around you are scaring you to act and behave in a certain suppressed way.


Chasing Dream may not always be scary or disturbing ones, you see being chased by someone but you are not feeling scared. Such a dream signifies your attitude of avoiding your responsibilities, may be some priority issues.  Responsibilities or duties which need early addressal are lying last on your priority list.

Interpretations of Chasing Dream

Chased by an animal dream signifies your inner rage or resentment. Animal is associated with wild feelings of your mind and you need to work on issues that makes you angry. Try to find a right approach to reciprocate to your feelings, you may or may not be always right here, so try ways that can help ease or cool your mind.

Dream Meaning of Being Chased
Dream Meaning of Being Chased

Chased by a Lunatic or Psychopath dream also reflects your emotional suppressed feelings of fear or rage. If the chaser is very threatening in your dream then it suggests the same for your feelings too, you need to cope up with the stress which is coming out of these emotions at the earliest. If there is no such emotions in your life right now then take the dream as a warning of an upcoming situation which may put you in such similar emotions.

Chased in your Dream but Freezed at you position, you are trying to run away but you are not able to move or run, such a dream signifies misery or melancholy. Certain aspects of your life which is unacceptable to you but you are stuck with it or some issues which you are not ready to address but can’t even escape also. A message from your subconscious mind to analyze the whole issue again and find a way out doing the best possible you can do.

Article first published on June 6, 2020.

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