Kissing a Stranger in a Dream Meaning: What Does It Mean When You Dream About You Kissing Someone?

What does it mean if I dream about kissing a stranger? Kissing a stranger in your dream is like your subconscious’s way of making you aware of your passions or desires which are buried deep inside your heart. What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone who isn’t your boyfriend or girlfriend but a complete stranger? Kissing a stranger in a dream may also be an indication of your Dunkirk spirit or tenacity in your waking life.

There are several meanings attached to the dream but to get more clarity over your dream, you need to be observant about a few things of your dream, like the gender of the stranger who you kissed in dream. There are a few more important aspects that you must not miss about your dream of kissing a stranger, which we will be covering in our coming sections. So, continue scrolling to know more about- Kissing a stranger in a dream meaning: What does it mean when you dream about you kissing someone?

Kissing a Stranger in a Dream
Kissing a Stranger in a Dream, Photo Credit: independent

 Meaning of Kissing a Stranger in Dream

Such a dream may be a reflection of your desire to have a romantic and appealing relationship with your partner. The dream suggests that you are not happy in your current relationship and it is not necessarily about the person, it is more about the kind of relationship you have with that person. You are craving a spiced-up affair or relationship with your partner. Try to explore ways to add the required spice in your life, communicate your feelings to your partner, maybe this will help.

You may also take the dream as a warning, stay careful of someone who might put you in some unwanted situation in your waking life as a result of your quest to have this spice. If you are single in your waking life, then kissing a stranger in your dream could also be the reflection of your confused state of mind. Maybe you are not sure about your choice or confused about someone you are thinking of dating in your waking life.

What to Observe while Recalling or Interpreting your Dream?

As we quoted above, kissing a stranger in our dream may have several interpretations which are based on few important aspects like gender of the stranger, did you kissed a female stranger or male stranger? What was your emotional state in your dream while you were kissing the stranger? What type of kiss it was like or where you kissed like on which part of the body of stranger it was. Let’s understand these a bit more.

Who is the Stranger- Male or Female?

Kissing a woman or girl stranger in dream could be a reflection of your escapade or quest, the dream may suggest that you are craving for some thrilling or stimulating situation that could bring change to your present boring and dull state of being in your waking life.

Kissing a Stranger in a Dream Meaning
Kissing a Stranger in a Dream Meaning, Photo Credit: jagran .com

If you saw yourself kissing a male stranger in your dream then it may suggest that you are not moving in the right direction of your dreams. Reasons could be anything, it could be you too. Maybe you are not ready to come out of the comfort zone which your present state in life is giving you. You aspire to do something really passionate in life but end up doing your regular 9 to 5 job which is not at all fun to do but is just getting you some security in terms of finances or status.

If the stranger you kissed in your dream was not young then it may also be suggestive of presence of someone in your waking life that is very dominant or doesn’t let you take your decisions in life. The stranger in you dream here is the distraction which is being caused by someone in your waking life and your subconscious attempt to make you realize that you cannot let anyone or anything come in way of your dreams and aspirations in your waking life.

 How you Kissed the Stranger in your Dream?

Kissing a stranger in your dream is majorly an expression of your subconscious mind which is craving for something exciting or different in your waking life. It could be the desire to bring a change or an expression of discontentment about your relationships or your desires. Did you kiss the stranger’s hands, cheeks, lips or neck?

Kissing on the hand may be a reflection of your desire to have an affair or a romantic or wooing kind of experience in your waking life. Maybe your current relationship is lacking these spices or is dull. Kissing on lips in your dream may be an indication of flooding lava of passionate hormones in your body.

Kissing on a stranger’s neck may be an expression of intimacy. A kiss on the cheek may be an expression of a simple craving to have someone supportive by your side. It is like the casual friendly support of a friend who might be missing from your life or is lost now.

What does it mean when you have a dream about kissing a stranger?

If you’re wondering about the meaning behind different types of kisses, you’re not alone. A kiss between friends can represent a resolution of past conflicts with enemies. A married couple kissing may symbolize a harmonious domestic life. A kiss on the neck could indicate the possibility of a romantic relationship. However, kissing in the dark may suggest a sense of danger in your everyday routine.