Child Falling from Height in Dream: What does it mean when you dream about child falling?

What does falling from heights in dreams mean? Are you trying to deal with something tough in your waking life or feeling insecure about something in your life? The dream may also be an expression of your guilt over something. Why do I dream of falling then wake up? The dream of a child falling from a height may also be associated with denial or rejection in your waking life.

What does it mean to dream about a child falling in a dream? A child falling into a dream from a height may also be your subconscious who is asking you to take control of your life. It may also be an indication of ignorance or your attitude of not owning up to the responsibility of your life. The dream is associated with several interpretations, let’s scroll and find out more about the dream of Child Falling from Height in Dream: What does it mean when you dream about a child falling?

Child Falling from Height in Dream
Child Falling from Height in Dream, Photo Credit: RTE


Such a dream may be an indication of problems with acceptance. It may be some trait of your own individuality you are finding hard to accept. The dream may also indicate that you are feeling caught up in certain situations or feeling like standing at a dead end. Through your dream, your subconscious mind is asking you to free yourself and take a stand for yourself.

Don’t be scared of others’ judgment for you, you have the capability to handle your life situations and if someone or even some odd aspect of your personality is coming in your way, it is time to take over.

Do you know the child in your dream?

It is important to understand who is falling in your dream and from where. If it is some child you don’t know is falling from a height, it could be a reflection of your own trait which is hard for you to get over. As we quoted in the previous section also, you are not ready to accept the harm it may be doing to you. If the child in your dream is your own kid then it may have a different meaning.

For example, if you see your child falling from a roof, then it may reflect certain wrong decisions you have taken or are about to take for your kids. Your decision is not right and may cause them defacement or some sort of damage. The roof in your dream represents your feelings, your intent is to protect them but in reality, it is becoming the medium or reason of their suffering.

You must think about your dream, if you are about to make certain decisions regarding your child’s career or life, do take their opinion or evaluate all the points.

Repentance or Guilt

Dreaming of seeing a child falling from a height may also be a reflection of your wrongdoing. Are you doing something wrong in your life knowingly it can harm you? Falling from height represents your culpability and the child in your dream is representing you who is behaving like one in waking life.

Kids are vulnerable, they can’t control their actions because of ignorance but you are not ignorant as you know what is right and what is not. Your dream is a voice of your subconscious mind which is asking you to mend the wrong and stop doing it.

Lack of Harmony

Such a dream may also reflect some sort of misbalance in your waking life. It could be due to your emotional insecurities or something in your life which is blocking your way to success or peace of mind.

It may also indicate that either you are not moving in the right direction or moving too slowly towards your goal. Either you fear judgments or you are completely cocooned. You are dependent on someone or someone else is having the controls.

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