What does it mean when you dream ocean waves? [Dream Meaning and Interpretation]

What does it mean when you dream of ocean waves? Dream Meaning of Ocean Waves may have an association with your inner state of mind. So if you see a calm ocean in your dream then it may be a reflection of your peaceful state of mind. What do Ocean Waves Symbolize in Dreams? Waves in our dream are symbolic of our forbearance, endurance or we quote it simply, it is symbolic of our acceptance of our life situations.

There are several interpretations to this dream, for instance, if you see yourself swimming in the deep ocean, may mean that you are juggling with multiple emotions in your waking life, good and bad or confusing. Basically, you are in a perplexed state of mind because as you are dealing with a lot of things or situations at one time.

Your feelings during the dream are the clue here in this dream scenario. Let’s explore in detail- What does it mean when you see the ocean in your dream or What does it mean when you dream ocean waves?

Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves, Photo Credit: NOAA

Dream Meaning of Ocean Waves in Detail

Just like an ocean, our life is big, deep, and uncertain and waves are like situations or reactions which are also not constant. So, in our dreams also Ocean Waves represents the same base like we actually cannot control our life situations but what we can do is to accept them and move with them if they are in our favor, and if not make efforts to turn them in your favor.

The dream scenarios related to ocean waves like what we are doing or feeling during the dream represent the meaning and purpose of your dream. So let’s read here in the following sections about several Dream Scenarios of Ocean Waves Dream.

Dream Meaning of Struggling with Huge Ocean Waves

If you see yourself struggling with huge ocean waves or just the strong ocean waves in your dream then it may point towards an anxious state of mind. Maybe in your waking life, some situation or someone is the reason of this anxiety. So here, through this dream, your subconscious mind is asking you to breathe deeper, think and take up the issue on priority before it totally eats you up.

You must consider your feelings also during the dream. The more threatened or anxious you are in the dream, the more intense the situation is.

Dream Meaning of Being Chased by Ocean Waves

If you see you are being chased by ocean waves and they are so fierce that they may even drown you or finish you then it may indicate the same state of your mind. Maybe in your waking life, you are furious or extremely anxious about some situation or someone.

You are not in a position to control or change the situation or its outcome and thus floating in extreme emotions. Here, your subconscious is asking for composure. Don’t react in the heat, it will only worsen your situation rather than going you any solution.

Is it Good to See Ocean or Ocean Waves in Dream?

Not really, the dream of ocean waves is basically a representation of our emotions or life dealings. These emotions can vary and so does life situations, nothing is permanent. So take a clue from your dream, the surroundings, your reactions, feelings during the dream to understand the purpose of the dream.

For instance, if you see light in the ocean, then it may indicate a sound and awakened state of mind. Or if you see a calm ocean, it may represent a composed state of mind; you are flowing and glowing with the life flow or have accepted things in a better context.

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