Seeing Rainbow in Dream Meaning: What It Really Means When You Dream About Rainbows

What does dreaming about Rainbows mean? The dream meaning of rainbows is associated with aspirations, anticipations, expectations, optimism, and also fruition, attainment, and wholeness. A rainbow in your dream touching the horizon may represent deep connections with yourself and enlightenment. The color of the rainbow in your dream also plays a big role while interpreting the dream. Get brief info about the same in the coming sections of this article.

What does a rainbow in a dream represent? If you see a rainbow in a dream, then it may suggest several meanings and interpretations (mostly positive yet with few exceptions) which may differ from person to person on the basis of their current life situations or experiences but yet you can get a clue from this article and interpret how is that connected to your dream. So, let’s scroll down in this section to know more about – Seeing Rainbow in Dream Meaning: What It Really Means When You Dream About Rainbows!

Seeing Rainbow in Dream Meaning
Seeing Rainbow in Dream Meaning, Image Credit: Commander John Bortniak, NOAA Corps

Spiritual Meaning of Rainbow Dream

Spiritually, Rainbows represent a deep connection of our mind and soul. It may also represent the status of your current relationships and their depth. If you see a whole rainbow-like from the sky to the base that is where it touches the horizon, such a dream is mostly considered a positive dream as it indicates self-enlightenment. You may feel more connected to yourself spiritually or would learn or explore the bigger and real meaning of life.

 Symbolism of a Rainbow Dream

A rainbow in a dream is considered a symbol of a positive outlook towards life. If you are feeling stuck somewhere or facing some difficulty, a rainbow in your dream may indicate an end to your confusion or new opportunities and beginnings. Positively, Rainbow in dreams symbolizes good luck, love, affection, deeper connections, and attainment. You may get a more clear picture of your dream by focusing on the colors. Let’s read about the significance of colors in Rainbow.

Significance of Rainbow Colors in Dream

Do you see all the colors of the rainbow or was there anyone color which was outshining them all or was missing from the rainbow in your dream? If you see anyone particular color repeating in the rainbow or maybe outshining the rest of the colors then it may reflect the great intensity of that color’s meaning in your life. some color is missing from the rainbow you can consider that trait or feature missing from your life. Let’s see what colors of the rainbow in dreams suggest.

Let’s begin with the meanings of rainbow colors in order, so beginning with the color red, the color Red represents passion and zest for life, relationships, or maybe your aspirations. The orange color in the rainbow is a symbol of individuality, inspiration, expression, artistry, vivacity, and vigor. The color Yellow represents contentment high spirits, jubilation, excitement, quest, or escapade.

The green color of a rainbow suggests quietude, stoicism, equanimity, prolificacy, affluence. The blue color of the rainbow represents incorporeal, divine,  vision, psychic, or spiritual connections. The color Indigo foresight, sagacity, fruition, or realization. And lastly, the Violet color of the rainbow in a dream represents divination or sixth sense, mental stability resourcefulness, or flair. So, try to remember the colors of the rainbow in your dream and remember, the deeper or intense the color the deeper its meaning or connection with your life.

Few More Interpretations of Rainbow Dream

Dream of Rainbow with Rain: Such a dream may indicate good times. You will find answers to your questions, get solutions to your ongoing problems or a major switch or transition (positive) in your waking life.

Dream of Walinkg or flying on the Rainbow: If you see yourself walking on the rainbow then it is a good sign, the coming future will bring you energy, blessings, fortune, positivity, and adventure in your life. If you see you are flying towards the rainbow then it may not be a good sign as it suggests unrealistic goals or approaches. You need to analyze your idea or plan deeply, it may not lead you where you are expecting git to. Or maybe you are missing on a certain aspect related to it.