Pregnancy Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Pregnancy Dream Meaning

Pregnancy dream is one of the most common dreams, the dream may have many interpretations and meanings but mostly the dream is assumed as a positive sign. Pregnancy dream symbolizes creation and fulfilment. Getting into new ventures, start of new projects, chances of getting missed opportunities, moving into a better state of mind or may be fulfilment of an old dream or wish, Pregnancy Dream Meaning could relate to all of these and  more.

Read the full article to understand Pregnancy Dream Meaning and Pregnancy Dream Interpretation. Pregnancy Dream A Good Omen? Spiritually pregnancy dreams are interpreted as message of God or blessings of God. Dreaming about pregnancy has many interpretations, your dream fall into which that depends on your reaction to your pregnancy or on to your mental state at that time. Keep scrolling to know more.

Pregnancy Dream Meaning
Pregnancy Dream Meaning

Are You Really Pregnant? Let Us Explain

You don’t have to panic if you see a pregnancy dream as it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pregnant. A pregnancy dream basically symbolizes a new beginning or a fresh growth. Now this growth could be a new found hobby of yours or maybe you are stepping into a new stage of life.

Pregnancy Dream Interpretation also depicts fresh start in your professional life, you might be thinking of a switch of your current job with a new job offer or planning to venture into a new business, pregnancy dream is a reflection of this upcoming change.

Pregnancy Dream Meaning
Pregnancy Dream Meaning

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Pregnant?

Dreaming about pregnancy is a positive sign as pregnancy symbolizes growth. A dream about pregnancy mean your growth, now growth can be in aspect of life, it could be growing up into a better self or it may also indicate a beginning to a new career, or new developments into your current situations.

Dreams of pregnancy may differ with people or we say dreamers, let’s understand the deeper meaning of pregnancy dreams and situations.

  • You might see yourself as a pregnant woman or you may see your partner pregnant in your dream. Your partner getting pregnant in your dream also suggests fresh beginning, a change in your status maybe or a fresh movement into a certain stage of your life for better. The dream also shows your expectations of getting closer; it signifies your desire to see your partner’s inclination towards you with more compassion.
  • Dreaming of pregnancy and morning sickness suggests that your relationship goals are perfect. You are happy and proud of your relationship and family.
  • Seeing yourself as pregnant but with no visible signs of pregnancy indicates a tough situation or time and you need to be careful. Likewise, a pregnancy dream where in you cannot see baby bump, it indicates that you need to work on to your goals or plans, as they may not turn the way you are expecting them to.
  • The pregnancy dream also indicates that something is left in between or is not finished the way it should be. Or it may be your deep hidden emotions which are screaming to come out.
  • Dreams about pregnancy of a friend is a sign of desire of meeting that old friend or missing the old times.
Pregnancy Dream Meaning
Pregnancy Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream?

Dreaming about pregnancy spiritually symbolizes creation or development. The dream suggests a ‘birth’ it could a new idea, project or any sort of development in the life of person. Pregnancy dream spiritually may also indicate spiritual enlightenment or god’s blessings coming your way.

Pregnancy Dream Interpretation differs with different people, your reaction in your dream matters a lot. If you are happy in your dream then it is a sign of positivity and if you are not happy in your dreams then it may reflect that the new change is not acceptable to you but you cannot avoid it.

Article first published on May 8, 2020.

Kite Flying Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Kite Flying Dream Meaning

Kite Flying Dream is mostly associated with a rise or an upgrade in any aspect of your life and this aspect could be  your social life, personal life or it could be work-related. Is Kite Flying Dream A Good Sign? Kite Flying Dream Meaning can mostly be assumed as a good sign but interpretations may vary with your reactions and surroundings. To understand Kite Flying Dream Interpretation more clearly, read our detailed kite flying dream compilation here.

Kite Flying Dream signifies your success over your current situations or people who are against you, disrespecting you or mocking you. It signifies that your perseverance towards your goal will pay off sooner or later, in spite of all the odds. Kite flying dream is also a depiction of your childhood memories or certain important changes in your life.

Kite Flying Dream Interpretation
Kite Flying Dream Interpretation

What does Kite Flying symbolize? Let’s Explore Meaning and Interpretation

A kite in your dream is a depiction of your current state of life, your efforts for staying in any aspect of life which you have been holding or controlling successfully. It may also symbolize your spiritual and spontaneous awareness or attitude.

If you are flying a kite with ease in your dream it symbolizes a positive sign, some sort of financial gain, prosperity and happiness. Relax and enjoy the good times with your friends and family.

Kite Flying Dream Interpretation can also be put in a different way. If your kite falls from the sky or gets crushed, it denotes a tough time or  problems that you might confront soon at your work place or may be your personal front. Your situation or reaction at the moment is very important before interpreting kite flying dream.

If you are happy while you are flying the kite or see kids flying the kite happily around or hear laughter of kids, then it is a symbol of good times, good health or gains. Likewise, if you see an unhappy kid flying the kite then it is a symbol of some problems that you might be facing in your life at the moment.

The kid that you saw in your dream is a reflection of your inner self. A happy kid in your dream represents  your inner peace and contentment and an unhappy kid suggests that you need to work a little more towards achieving a peaceful state of mind. An extra generous approach and effort will help a lot in achieving that goal.

Kite Flying Dream Meaning
Kite Flying Dream Meaning

Spiritual Meaning of Kite Flying Dream

Kite Flying Dream Meaning spiritually suggests soaring aims, aspirations and goals. With your positive and persistent attitude, your efforts will surely be paid. Keep aiming high; staying positive and generous will get you fruitful results with time.

It also suggest you need to be surrounded by like-minded or empathetic people in your life who help you to nurture your dreams or feelings, so moving on or staying away from judgemental people or negative people is definitely a good idea.

A kite flying dream can spiritually be quoted mostly as a sign of positivity, you may face difficulties at the moment, but you will soon succeed in overcoming those with your determination and good intentions towards you and others.

Article first published on May 6, 2020.

Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation

Teeth dreams are a symbol of your zeal and self- reliance and teeth falling out dream is a depiction of a loss of self esteem and confidence; a major life change, ageing, physical complexes, status and monetary losses or may be a collapsing career. Let’s understand Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning and Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation quickly and clearly in this section.

Seeing a dream wherein your teeth are falling just like that, too often?  Falling teeth dream surely is a spine tingling one but the dream is not just associated with some bad news, it could also be a positive sign. Let’s refer both the aspects:

Teeth Falling Out Dream
Teeth Falling Out Dream

Teeth Falling Positive Signs: Meaning and Interpretations

1. Personal Growth Sign

A dream of falling teeth symbolizes a development or progress. Teeth represents growth, we are born without teeth, then we get our milk teeth and moving to later stages our milk teeth break and we get our adult teeth. So, falling teeth can be interpreted as a succession or movement to the next stage of life.

2. Your Secret Wish

A dream of falling teeth may also be an indication of facing the real challenges of your life and this time is the testing time. If you succeed here, things will turn in your favor and you will be great. The dream could also mean that you are feeling nostalgic of the old carefree and protective times.

3. Potential Growth and Loss

Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning can also be interpreted as a watch-out time, situational changes  and personal aspects that you have been hiding or neglecting throughout, now need to be addressed.

Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation
Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation

4. Symbol of Power and Self Esteem

Teeth are a symbol of vigor and self confidence. Falling teeth dream can be interpreted as an improvement time; the dream signifies an improved and raised level of confidence in your personal life or work life.

5. Giving Birth to Something New

Falling teeth dream may also mean an end to a old suffering and an announcement of good news. The good news could pertain to any category – a new job, a relationship, a house or may be a success at professional front.

Teeth Falling Negative Signs: Meaning and Interpretations

1. Feeling of Insecurity

Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation may also depict negative signs like major loss or an important life change which is making you feel insecure, a personal or a professional change like an end to a relationship or a change of job or workplace which is making you feel insecure by reminding of the old lost comforts.

2. High-end Compromises

Teeth Falling Out Dream is also an indication of tough decisive times, when you are not able to decide or choose the right path for you. Indecisive approach here could be because of tough choices or may be wrong options.

3. Reluctance About Choice-making

A falling teeth dream also depicts a situation where you are feeling stuck and you are just not ready to take a decision, like when your brain is suggesting you to take up an offer which apparently, sounds lucrative but inside, you want to move into an exactly opposite direction, so you don’t feel okay with either of them.

Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation
Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation

4. Self Image Concerns

Teeth Falling Out Dream is a very common dream among people who are aging or who have issues with their physical changes. The dream also shows a fear of inefficiency and lack of confidence at your work place or professional front.

5. Sigmund Freud’s Interpretations

As per Freud’s interpretations, the dream represents the sexual suppression. You need to open up when it comes to your sexual fears; you need to release the sexual energy which you have been suppressing and start interacting with your partner about your desires or urges.

Article first published on May 4, 2020.

Snake Bite Dream Meaning and Interpretation: Let’s Explore!

Snake Dream Meaning

Dreams…If I quote it in simple words of German author Elias Canetti- “All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams”. Know what your dreams say and mean, is it a warning or is it an announcement for some good? In this article read about Snake Bite Dream Meaning and Snake Bite Dream Interpretation.

Seeing a snake in your dreams mean you need to channelize your energies in the right perspective or you need to take hold on to your energies to give in to certain forbidden temptations. Your inner feelings, grudges, antipathy or may be a heart break which is affecting your inner peace and suffocating you, just the same way poison suffocates a person to death.

Snake Dream Meaning
Snake Dream Meaning

What does it mean when a snake bites you in a dream?

If I give a crux of the meaning of a snake bite, it means some hidden fear or temptation that has impacted your life a lot. To understand Snake Bite Dream Meaning, you also need to understand what your reaction to it was and what the surrounding situations were.

If you are threatened by the snake bite in your dream it means, you are finding it tough to battle with your inner feelings especially the hidden ones. If you dream of a snake jumping out of grass to bite you it may be a warning of a bad news that could possibly annoy you or depress you.

It may also mean a warning or threat of bowing your knees to some alternative negative temptations or a loss that you have already suffered owing to your slavery to these irresistible addictions.

Snake Bite Dream Interpretation
Snake Bite Dream Interpretation

Spiritual meaning of a snake bite

So is snake bite dream, good or bad? Spiritual meaning of snake bite dream, if we interpret, a snake bite dream means a long bound situation of hatred or guilt or inability to forgive. Clearly it means it is time to come over it, give yourself a chance, try to forgive or forget whether it is you or someone else. Majorly it denotes self forgiveness.

An epiphany which is hard for you to deal with could also be reason for a snake bite dream. These feelings of anxiety, low esteem and depression that is surrounding your aura for long needs to fade now and a fresh start is the need of time.

Why do you have dream of snake bite?

Largely Snake Bite Dream Meaning is associated with many theories like mythologically if we interpret it, then snakes are a symbol of betrayal, some sort of trickery, sexual urges or temptation.

Basically your hidden fears to being slave to your hidden passions, a snake bite dream is a connection to those hidden unconscious thoughts that are inside you, you must understand how important it is to give it over if it is a negative temptation or, and if not, then try to overcome that thought process of fear and face it.

Snake biting you in your dreams could also be interpreted as your inner guilt, inability to forgive, forget and move on, which is leading you to a self destruction mode and poisoning your soul.

Snake Dream Meaning
Snake Dream Meaning

Snake on your body and bites you, what does it mean?

This situation is the situation of entrapment; it could be a feeling of suffocation of being trapped into a toxic relationship or some other marital difficulties or divorce. This sequence of recurring problematic relationships of your past or present, a snake bite reflects this negative situation and somewhere it also symbolizes an end to it, mean you will soon be getting over it.

Article first published on May 2, 2020.