Dead Father Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of Dead Father

Dead Father Dream Meaning is associated with our conscience. The dead father in your dream could also be in reality, any member of your family who is the major support and security system (emotional) of the family. The one who reflects the similar characteristics like guidance, judgement, authority, punishments or if we don’t take the words literally,  we can call him the ‘Rulebook of our life’.

Dead Father Dream Interpretation reflects two scenarios; the dream applies to both, whether he is alive in reality or dead. Dead father dream represents the feelings of your loss, memories and your need for guidance or may be some unresolved feelings. Read in the coming sections more about Dead Father Dream Interpretation and Dead Father Dream Meaning.

Dead Father Dream Meaning
Dead Father Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream of your dead father?

Dreaming about your dead father may also relate to his memories in your subconscious mind. The pain and that ‘missed’ feeling of someone by your side to tell you what’s right and wrong? The dream also represents your self-doubt or fear of being independent and standing out for your decisions.

There are some more meanings and interpretations to the dream:

  • If you see your dead father smiling in your dream, then it is a sign that you are following his teachings.
  • If you see your dead father annoyed or worried then it is a sign of guilt, your subconscious mind is reminding you of your dilemma or confusion about a certain decision or situation, which you know your father would have never approved of.
  • Dreaming about arguing with your dead father mean that you may not be sharing a very comforting relationship with him in real life. Alternatively, dreaming of your dead father, where he is advising you, mean that you are emotionally very dependent on him and you always look up to his opinions. The dream may also imply that in real life you either hesitate or you are scared of asking him about his opinions.
Dead Father Dream Meaning
Dead Father Dream Meaning

The Symbolism of a Dream of Dead Father

Symbolically the dream is based on many interpretations, like

  • If in reality your father is not alive and if in your dream you are talking to him, then it symbolizes happiness, well-being and contentment and if your father is alive, then it is a clear sign to sort out things between you and him or someone who is a fatherly figure to you in your family before things are beyond repair.
  • If your father dies in your dream then it symbolizes pain, your subconscious mind is suggesting that irrespective of what has happened in the past between you two, it’s time to break the silence and solve the grudges.
  • And if you father is alive and you see him dead then it symbolizes your concern, the dream also symbolizes your fear of your parents or someone as authoritative in the family. Some adaptation to the dream also suggests that such dream is a symbol of upcoming success and a happy life.
  • Seeing your father dead in your dream and you are not believing is a symbol of happiness and good luck.
Dreaming of Dead Father
Dreaming of Dead Father

What should I do? May I need to worry?

Seeing your father dead in your dream especially when he is alive and doing well, surely is disturbing, but seeing him dead in dream doesn’t really mean that something bad is going to happen to him. As a matter of fact, in many countries, the dream is interpreted as a sign of prolonged life.

Such dreams are mostly the representation of our fear and insecurities; we need someone by our side all the time in time of need. But our ego, disrespectful nature or may be stubborn attitude just refuse to accept it and as a consequence we feel lonely and suffer.

Your subconscious mind is reminding you through your dream that you need to work on yourself, get the clarity of things and people, solve your disagreements and understand what is right for you.

Article first published on May 16, 2020.

Dream Interpretation of Seeing Dead Relatives: What Does It Mean?

Seeing Dead Relatives Dream

Seeing Dead Family Members in Dream Meaning psychologically, is often assumed as an aspect that reflects that person’s importance or place in your life or in your family. Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones is also closely connected to your pain or sorrow, the dream depicts your feelings about them, may be you miss them a lot or think of them or remember the old times when you were with them.

Dream Interpretation of Seeing Dead Relatives needs an evaluation of all the psychological and spiritual aspects that may have a connection with your dream. In this section you can get a info of the related aspects of Dream Interpretation of Seeing Dead Relatives and the purpose behind those dreams.

Seeing Dead Relatives Dream Interpretation
Seeing Dead Relatives Dream Interpretation

Establishing contact through dreams

Dream suggests that may be the dead relative you are seeing in your dream wants to contact you. The contact or signs which you don’t sense when you are awake is appearing in your dream again and again. When we are sleeping our senses are not busy and mind is in supremely responsive mode or we can say is very receptive, so the dead soul tries to make a connect with you through dreams.

Psychological Reasons

Dreamer might have some psychological reasons, Seeing Dead Family Members in Dream Meaning also reflects your grief, remorse or self –condemnation.  Dream signifies your pain or guilt for not being there or may be not doing enough for them.

The deceased relative you see in your dream signifies profound emotions of your subconscious mind, it reflects your expression, your feeling of concern or love for them.

Seeing Dead Relatives Dream
Seeing Dead Relatives Dream

Spiritual Reasons

Such dreams also take us to spiritual reasons, it may indicate that the dead relative is seeking some help with the afterlife through dreamer. Something left undone which needs to be finished or a desire could be the reason for such a dream.

Spiritually, the dream also suggest a rare situation where the dead soul is trying to take revenge from someone through you, it could be someone closely related to you or may be someone from your own family.

Is Your Dream Spiritual?

There are many interpretations to the dead relative dreams, so how can you interpret the reasons for the dream? If you see the same dream or may be related dream of the deceased relative more than thrice, then there may be a possibility that there are spiritual reasons behind your dream.

The re-occurrence of the dream shows the confidence of the dead soul in you, the soul is trying to find peace or trying to remove the hurdles which is not letting him/her move on peacefully in afterlife and for this it need some help from you.

Untimely or Unnatural death

There are many interpretations to dead relative dreams and one such interpretation also indicates towards the cause or nature of death. The dream suggests that the soul of the deceased relative needs some help or assistance from you.

Usually, with dreams it is believed and interpreted that those who die naturally or in time gets peace in their afterlife and those who die untimely or unnaturally, like in case or murders or accidents or any other violent experience, in such unexpected cases, the body dies but the soul find it to difficult to move on to next stage which we refer to as afterlife stage where they can rest in peace.

Seeing Dead Relatives Dream
Seeing Dead Relatives Dream

How Can You Help?

The power of the subconscious mind is often an answer to the dream too, the reasons which sometime ourselves relate to the dream also suggests of the probable solutions or things we can do to help them.

Like a repeated dream of a deceased relative with a mention of some particular thing suggests a good or noble gesture on our part, a silent charity or helping someone needy around you.

In most of the similar cases, praying for their peace or apologies from your side for not doing enough or missing something is the best way to get away or freeing yourself with such dreams.

Article first published on May 15, 2020.

River Dream Meaning and Interpretation: What Does It Mean?

River Dream Interpretation

River Dream Meaning is associated with the movement and flow, the dream reflects dreamer’s emotions and attitude towards life. River Dream Interpretation reflects your flow or attitude towards uncertain situations; however, with changing states of river, the analysis takes us to dreamer’s decisive instincts. Are you coping with the flow well or you need to give more attention to your situation, maybe it’s a sign that time has come to check your responsibilities or capabilities.

Alternatively, River Dream Meaning also symbolizes success, wealth, contentment and productiveness. To interpret the dream, it is important to understand the surroundings, your actions and reactions or moods and the weather conditions. Is River Dream A Good Sign? Keep scrolling to know more about River Dream Meaning and Interpretations.

River Dream Interpretation
River Dream Interpretation

What does river mean in a dream?

A river dream represents the journey of your life, if the river is calm, it is a reflection of a smooth life, a peaceful state of mind, the dream suggests that you are doing well in your life. The dream also signifies that, may be you are facing certain disappointments or hurdles in your way, but keep flowing, you will soon get away with these situations and things will be again as calm as the river in you dream.

What you see in your dream is related to your current circumstances and your dealing emotions at that time. If you are facing problem in dealing with your emotions in a certain situation, then it is likely that you may see some kind of turbulence or change in the surroundings or states of river in your dream. The river dream is a common dream especially for those who are engaged in their responsibilities with whole heart and are capable of handling their emotions and situations.

River Dream Meaning
River Dream Meaning

Calm and Clear River Dream Meaning

Calm and Clear River Dream Signifies that you are on the right path of your life, you are handling the situations well, it suggests that all is well in your life and you are happy and contented with the flow and pace with which your life is moving.

On the contrary, if you see contaminated or dirty water in your river dream then it implies that you are feeling exhaust and finding it tough to deal with the situations. A dirty river is also a sign of bad health condition, or certain illness.

If in your dream if you see that water of the river is muddy, then it is a sign of some confusion or unrest, your state of mind is not right, here the muddy water in the river represent your thoughts. It may also suggest that you are not able to judge – what’s right, ethical or unethical.

River Dream Interpretation
River Dream Interpretation

Flooding River Dream Interpretation

An overflowing or flooded River Dream Interpretation implies that you are not able to tackle with your problems. May be you underestimated the problem and it didn’t turned the way you expected, rather it took a more unstable and dangerous form. The river dream symbolizes your emotions and the flooding river here is sign of out of controlled emotions or a restless mind.

Alternatively, you can take the dream meaning in a positive way too. The over flowing river or the disturbed state of mind also is a sign of improvement and realization. The problem or circumstances that you underestimated, didn’t turned the way you expected but now you have reached to the core of it, the dream is sign of the improvement that you may solve the problem soon or change the circumstances by taking right decisions, so it someway implies that the phase in which you are stuck in shall pass soon too.

Article first published on May 14, 2020.

Cat Dream Meaning and Interpretation: What Do Dreams About Cats Symbolize?

Cat Dream Meaning

A cat dream is one of the most common dreams; the little cuddly creature is a symbol of bold and liberal nature, maidenly instincts, dominion attitude, individuality and misfortune. Do you love cats or you don’t? To understand the Cat Dream Interpretation, the dreamer’s perception of the cat reflects a lot about the purpose of the dream.

Cat Dream Meaning is also closely associated with your own intuition, hidden truths, talents and dynamics with the other sex. Let’s explore the dreams more closely, read all about Cat Dream Meaning and Cat Dream Interpretation in the coming sections of the article.

Cat Dream
Cat Dream

What does it mean to dream about cats?

A cat dream is mostly related to the situations and aspects of your current life, your intuitions, your uncontrollable desires or may be your second side or dual nature. It may also mean that your behaviour outside is not matching with the deep intentions or instincts, a cat dream is a sign that you need to evaluate this- Is it taking you to a good side? Are you actually unaware of this behaviour of yours or are you simply pretending?

As per famous psychologist Carl Jung, a cat dream is a reflection of your own thoughts. The cat’s ability to see hidden things or ability to see in the dark is somewhat a reflection of your subconscious or unconscious mind. The dream suggests that you need to evaluate your circumstances, pay close attention to your deep dug or hidden feelings to understand the things and aspects which require your attention in your present life.

Black Cat in Dream Meaning and Symbolism
Black Cat in Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Angry and Aggressive Cat: What Does It Mean?

Angry and Aggressive Cat Dream Meaning is associated with trust and loyalty, the dream is a sign that you need to stay aware from someone in your life who is playing you and you shouldn’t trust the person blindly.

If the cat is angry in your dream, it is also a sign that you may be ignoring your self and giving more importance to others. The dream suggests the need of the “me” time which is equally important for your well being both mentally or physically.

Seeing the cat attacking you in your dream reflects your difficulty or hesitation for transition, the cat attacking you is your inner wisdom which is suggesting you to move on from a dead or unworthy relationship or sort some way out to make it work and get back the lost peace.

The dream also is a symbol of feminine realization and fears; you are facing issues with your own feminine side.

Seeing a cat scratching you or trying to bite you suggests that you are stuck or trapped somewhere, you need to take time for yourself and your close ones or family; you may be ignoring them or may be not giving them the time they deserved. The dream also suggests that you will meet someone who is ill-natured or is harmful for you.

Cat Dream Meaning
Cat Dream Meaning

Wild Cat Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Wild Cat Dream Meaning and Interpretation takes us two different aspects-positive and negative.

To begin with the positive aspect, the dream of a wild cat is associated with focus in your life, seeing the wild cat in different places or ground is a sign of developing affection towards someone. The wild cat attacking you in the dream is a sign that a change is required in your current environment.

The negative interpretation leads us to – some dispute with neighbour, the dream also is warning that you need to stay conscious of the person, he/she might be dangerous for you.

Article first published on May 13, 2020.

Milk Dream: Let’s Understand Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Milk Dream Meaning

A milk dream symbolizes emotional bliss, nurturing, parental instincts or it may also imply the healthy choices you make in your life. Milk Dream Meaning also takes us to our relationships, you can take it as reminder that you need to be present and stay responsible in your relationships. Emotional reliability is the key to healthy relationships and the dream is a sign that you need to work more towards that.

Milk Dream Interpretation is associated with various aspects which are dependent on the details and surroundings. Before interpreting the dream you need to know all the aspects and details that may have some connect with it. Read in this section about all the aspects related to Milk Dream Meaning, Milk Dream Symbols Meaning and Milk Dream Interpretation.

Milk Dream Interpretation
Milk Dream Interpretation

Milk Dream: General Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about milk is a sign of a change, mostly related to relationships but it could also signify other aspects of your life as well.  Now, this change could be unpleasant or negative or it may be a positive change.

Milk Dreaming Meaning is connected to the choices you made during these changing times. You may behave responsibly and trust your instinct and make a healthy choice for the betterment or you may get scared and choose an erratic option or may overdo things to solve your problem, leading to a more vulnerable condition.

Dream suggests a need for self improvement and a balanced approach to face the upcoming problem or change in your life. To nourish your relationships and bonds you must understand your responsibilities and attain the right balance, if you are over doing it, you need to stop and if it needs some efforts you need to give in.

Milk Dream Interpretation
Milk Dream Interpretation

Understand Various Milk Dream Meanings

To understand your milk dream you can refer to these Milk Dream Symbols Meaning:

  • Dream of drinking the milk is a positive sign; it may be related to an announcement of good news, an enjoyable travel journey, or a new love life. The dream also indicates that you need to foster your relationships to make them even stronger.
  • Dream of drinking warm milk is an indication of satisfaction, an end to a problematic period. Drinking warm milk also is a sign of success and achievement, an accomplishment of a goal or a sign that your desires and your wishes are going to fulfil soon.
  • Dream of drinking sour milk or spoil milk is a negative sign; it indicates hardships for you or someone close to you.
  • Dreaming of selling milk indicates a loss or failure; it could in your personal life or your professional life.
  • Dreaming that you don’t have sufficient milk to drink is a sign that your relationship needs more nurturing. Alternatively, the dream also is a sign of hope and good luck; it implies that you will see improvement in an ongoing problematic situation.
  • Dream of milk stealing is clearly a negative sign that someone is taking financial advantages from you and just using you for their selfish reasons.
Milk Dream Meaning
Milk Dream Meaning
  • Dream of spoilt or sour milk implies family issues that needs to be addressed. Dreaming about getting rid of it mean the same for your dead relationships, you will no longer be in a relationship which is meaning-less.
  • Dream of spilled milk is sign of obstacles that you may face; it also suggests trust issues and missed opportunity.
  • Buying fresh milk in your dream suggest nostalgia and depression.
  • Dreaming of lot of milk is a symbol of prosperity and fortune.

Article first published on May 12, 2020.

Wedding Dream Interpretation and Meaning: Symbols Meaning Included!

Wedding Dream Interpretation

Wedding Dream symbolizes inception or progression, a new merger or change of attitude or may be a desire for stability or fullness. The wedding dream may also signify dreamer’s fear about commitment and liberty, a senseless or a paralyzed state of mind, where you are not able to cope with problems. A wedding is a symbol of an alliance, the Wedding Dream Interpretation leads to different aspects of relationships.

An alternative negative approach to the Wedding Dream Meaning is associated with feelings of anxiety grief, fear or death; the dream can be interpreted as a reflection of your fears or your personal approach towards difficult real life situations. Scroll down further to know Marriage Ceremony Dream Meaning and different aspects associated with Wedding Dream Interpretation.

Wedding Dream Meaning
Wedding Dream Meaning

Wedding Dream Interpretation

Wedding Dream Interpretation is based on various circumstances, to begin with, who you see as getting married, your own marital status and the situation like how is the ceremony going on says a lot about the purpose of the dream. If your marital status is single and you see a wedding dream it, it signifies your desire for wholeness or alliance. If you are married and you see a wedding dream then it may signify your bond or issues with your partner and if you are legally divorced, then it signifies the nostalgia, you are missing the good old times.

A wedding dream can also be associated with potential changes in your life; the destiny may be holding many surprises (positive ones) for you. Marriage Ceremony Dream Meaning signifies the surrounding and situation at the ceremony, is everything is going on in harmony in your dream or there are disturbing events or instances like a ripped or ragged wedding dress, lost ring, a crowd of annoying and poking guests etc?

The second series of instances reflects problems in your relationship, or professional problems like cancellations or failure of projects etc.

Wedding Dream
Wedding Dream

Marriage Ceremony Dream Meaning: Various Dream Symbols Explained

Refer to the symbols and interpretations associated with it:

  • Dream about attending a wedding

Your state of mind at that time says a lot about you, if you are feeling happy, then it is a sign of contentment, you are happy and ready to welcome the new transition which is coming in to your life. If you are unhappy, then it signifies you are not happy in your current situation and not ready for the change also, your fears and insecurities are holding you back.

  • Getting married to your partner in your dream

The dream is a symbol of wedding bliss, it suggests you are in a happy space, everything is fine with your current relationship and you are ready to move into the new transition, it could be related to entering into stage of parenthood or moving into a new house or any positive change.

  • Dream of a hearse at the wedding

The dream signifies some major change in your life. The two contradictory symbols in your dream suggest that these major changes may involve an end to an ongoing phase and a transition to a new phase of your life.

  • Dream of reaching late at the wedding

The dream signifies your feeling of lagging behind or feeling lost. Everyone around you or associated with you is moving to new direction and new changes and you are at standstill, the dream signifies your urge to move on in a new direction or a change.

Wedding Dream Interpretation
Wedding Dream Interpretation
  • Dream where you are planning a wedding for a stranger

The dream is symbol of merger of two clashing aspects of your nature. It also suggests that you are looking for balance between your own personal traits like a balance between your affectionate or emotional side with your arrogant or aggressive behaviour.

  • Santa Clause at the wedding

Presence of Santa Clause is surely is a sign of happiness and positivity.

  •  Dream of running from a wedding

It signifies your fear or double minded situation about a certain change in your life. It may also suggests your fears of commitment.

Article first published on May 11, 2020.

Fever Dream Interpretation and Dream Meaning

Fever Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of fever is associated with some internal or hidden suffering. Fever Dream Meaning can be interpreted in different ways, who are you seeing suffering from fever in your dream, is it you who has the fever or you are seeing someone else with fever?

Fever dream is a good sign or bad? A fever dream is more mystifying and negative in nature. Dreaming about fever can be perceived as a warning or a sign that your subconscious mind is trying to give you. Scroll down to know all about Fever Dream Meaning and Fever Dream Interpretation.

Fever Dream Meaning
Fever Dream Meaning

Fever Dream Meaning

Fever Dream Meaning can be understood as your hidden feelings, some anger, disgust or some sort of animosity towards a situation, instance or may be some person that is troubling you from inside. Dreaming of fever means, these feelings have taken over you and you need to find a way out to take it out. A reaction from your side is required here to get away with this thought process.

Fever Dream can also be related to some shaming or demeaning situation or experience which has been bothering you for long, fever here suggests that peace is required now here to fade this impression in your mind.

Now we come to who you saw in your dream with fever, is it you or someone else? We had discussed the first part in above paragraphs, so coming to next part; if you see someone else in your dream with fever, then here it suggests that your subconscious mind has felt the pain of the struggle of that person.

Seeing somebody else with fever in dream indicates that the person you saw is probably going through some bad phase in life and is concealing his/her struggle.

Here your mind is suggesting that you need to be considerate towards that person. Don’t be judgemental even if you find his/her actions weird, try to empathize with his/her situation and give them time to tackle with their inner fights.

Fever Dream Interpretation
Fever Dream Interpretation

Why do we get fever dreams?

When you are dreaming of fever, your body temperature rises and mind functioning also gets effected. Just like a fever needs a treatment, a fever dream suggests that situation causing this rage in your mind also needs a treatment. No wonder you might be experiencing some symptoms also related to your fever dream while you are awake, like depression or anxiety.

The person dreaming about fever may be pushing herself/himself too hard in any particular area or aspect of life. This hardship could also be due to his/her insecurity or fear of losing.

Fever Dream Interpretation
Fever Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about fever is definitely not a good indication unless we take it as a positive ringing and try to find the cure of it, a fever dream clearly suggests that some sort of healing or break is required to maintain the balance which is disturbing the harmony of your mind.

So, snap back and try to find the cause of your inner rage which is heating up your mind and if you already know the reason, then find a way out to get your peace of mind back.

Article first published on May 10, 2020.

Spider Dream Meaning and Interpretation: What Does It Mean?

Spider Dream Interpretation

Spider dreams are mostly associated with entrapment and temptations which are hard to ignore or emotional complexities. Alternatively, dream of a spider is also a positive sign, it signifies an end to your problems, your creativity and patience will help you overcome your difficult situations.

Spider dreams reflects an entrapment into an uncertain aspect of your life, it could be your personal feelings, financial problems or problems at your work place. You are trapped in it but you are not able to find a way to come out of it or solve your problem. Read further in this article Spider Dream Meaning and alternatives associated with Spider Dream Interpretation.

Spider Dream Interpretation
Spider Dream Interpretation

What is the symbolic meaning of spiders?

Symbolically Spider represents creativity and thus it reflects a close connect with feminine energy. It also symbolizes persistence, hard work, tolerance and luck. A motherly like figure, a strong over powering mother or a feminine force, which is an allure for you or you can say that it has very strong influence on you.

An alternative theory to it also suggest that the spider you see in your dream is a reference of some power which is protecting you from self destruction, just like a mother would do to her kids.

What does seeing a spider mean spiritually?

Spiritually Spider Dream Meaning suggests that you are blessed with an empathy and accord, to understand detailed and delicate situations and create new ideas. The web of the spider and the creativity and science behind the weaving of the web suggests a lot about your situations in your life.

Spiritually a spider is also seen as a sign of power and accomplishment. If you are working hard towards your goal, the spider dream is reflection of power that will match with your energy and will make you achieve your goal, so if success is your ultimate goal, then spider dream is a sign that you will get it soon in plenty.

Spider Dream Meaning
Spider Dream Meaning

Killing a spider in a dream meaning

Killing Spider Dream Interpretation signifies both positive and negative sign. Negative interpretation takes its roots from old times and suggests that killing a spider in your dream is a bad sign; it denotes misfortune, disappointment, a bad news or a rotten luck.

However, the positive interpretation suggests that you will be soon overcoming a sensitive and tender problem of your life. It can also be interpreted as freedom from a strong feminal temptation.

Spiders crawling on you dream meaning

A crawling spider on you in your dreams is a sign of upcoming hardships that you will face. The crawl of the spider suggests some tough situation or a problem is coming your way. Take it as a warning and stay careful to face the uncertain situation.

Spider Dream Meaning
Spider Dream Meaning

Alternative Spider Dream Interpretations

Seeing a spider in your dreams suggests some sort of entrapment, web like situation which is too complicated and vicious. Dreaming of a huge and scary snake and a dark room full of spiders signifies feeling of anxiety. Waking up in your dream with a spider on top of you is a positive sign; it suggests an end to your ongoing problems and worries.

Tickling by spider or presence of spider in your home in your dream suggests presence of problems and difficulties. Being bitten by a spider signifies female dominance and your need to prove your worth.

You are keeping the spider as your pet in your dream, the dream suggests your desire for love and affection, however if the spider is chasing you in your dream, it is a sign of deception, a cheating or fraud by some person.

Article first published on May 9, 2020.

Pregnancy Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Pregnancy Dream Meaning

Pregnancy dream is one of the most common dreams, the dream may have many interpretations and meanings but mostly the dream is assumed as a positive sign. Pregnancy dream symbolizes creation and fulfilment. Getting into new ventures, start of new projects, chances of getting missed opportunities, moving into a better state of mind or may be fulfilment of an old dream or wish, Pregnancy Dream Meaning could relate to all of these and  more.

Read the full article to understand Pregnancy Dream Meaning and Pregnancy Dream Interpretation. Pregnancy Dream A Good Omen? Spiritually pregnancy dreams are interpreted as message of God or blessings of God. Dreaming about pregnancy has many interpretations, your dream fall into which that depends on your reaction to your pregnancy or on to your mental state at that time. Keep scrolling to know more.

Pregnancy Dream Meaning
Pregnancy Dream Meaning

Are You Really Pregnant? Let Us Explain

You don’t have to panic if you see a pregnancy dream as it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pregnant. A pregnancy dream basically symbolizes a new beginning or a fresh growth. Now this growth could be a new found hobby of yours or maybe you are stepping into a new stage of life.

Pregnancy Dream Interpretation also depicts fresh start in your professional life, you might be thinking of a switch of your current job with a new job offer or planning to venture into a new business, pregnancy dream is a reflection of this upcoming change.

Pregnancy Dream Meaning
Pregnancy Dream Meaning

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Pregnant?

Dreaming about pregnancy is a positive sign as pregnancy symbolizes growth. A dream about pregnancy mean your growth, now growth can be in aspect of life, it could be growing up into a better self or it may also indicate a beginning to a new career, or new developments into your current situations.

Dreams of pregnancy may differ with people or we say dreamers, let’s understand the deeper meaning of pregnancy dreams and situations.

  • You might see yourself as a pregnant woman or you may see your partner pregnant in your dream. Your partner getting pregnant in your dream also suggests fresh beginning, a change in your status maybe or a fresh movement into a certain stage of your life for better. The dream also shows your expectations of getting closer; it signifies your desire to see your partner’s inclination towards you with more compassion.
  • Dreaming of pregnancy and morning sickness suggests that your relationship goals are perfect. You are happy and proud of your relationship and family.
  • Seeing yourself as pregnant but with no visible signs of pregnancy indicates a tough situation or time and you need to be careful. Likewise, a pregnancy dream where in you cannot see baby bump, it indicates that you need to work on to your goals or plans, as they may not turn the way you are expecting them to.
  • The pregnancy dream also indicates that something is left in between or is not finished the way it should be. Or it may be your deep hidden emotions which are screaming to come out.
  • Dreams about pregnancy of a friend is a sign of desire of meeting that old friend or missing the old times.
Pregnancy Dream Meaning
Pregnancy Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream?

Dreaming about pregnancy spiritually symbolizes creation or development. The dream suggests a ‘birth’ it could a new idea, project or any sort of development in the life of person. Pregnancy dream spiritually may also indicate spiritual enlightenment or god’s blessings coming your way.

Pregnancy Dream Interpretation differs with different people, your reaction in your dream matters a lot. If you are happy in your dream then it is a sign of positivity and if you are not happy in your dreams then it may reflect that the new change is not acceptable to you but you cannot avoid it.

Article first published on May 8, 2020.