Dream Meaning and Interpretation of Jumping Off a Cliff

Jumping Off a Cliff

What does it mean if you fall off a cliff in your dream? The dream meaning of jumping off a Cliff may indicate your inner insecurity about the uncertainty of life. It may also relate to your own stability in your waking life. Maybe you are not sure about your moves or not sure about the one that you have picked. What does it mean when you dream of being on the edge of a cliff? To see yourself standing on the edge of the cliff with thoughts of falling off may again relate to your feelings of low confidence or absolutely no confidence in yourself.

You are basically feeling stuck in a certain situation or circumstance but you are not sure about your next action or move to get out of it and certainly, you have a feeling that you cannot stay in this cliff-like situation anymore. To understand the dream meaning of jumping off a cliff, it is important to understand the details of your dream like what was your state of mind, was the fall or jump intentional, were you alone in your dream, and related details of surroundings of the dream.

Jumping Off a Cliff
Jumping Off a Cliff, Image Credit: Rhyshuw1

General Dream Meaning of Jumping Off a Cliff

Generally, a cliff in dreams on a positive note symbolizes great heights, attainments, accomplishments, fresh starts, or end to sufferings. On a negative note, Cliff in the dream may also have a connection with your hardships, feelings of distress, or pain. It may also represent that dead-end in your dream. The dream of jumping off a cliff may also indicate your overwhelming state of mind (happy or sad). Are you feeling controlled or inferior in your walking life?

Seeing yourself on the edge of the Cliff with thoughts of Falling or jumping may indicate that you have landed at a point of a critical juncture in your life. Taking a decision here is also important as stepping back is no more an option you are left with and taking the right decision is even more important or else you will fall off the Cliff. Let’s understand the factors that may help you interpret the most suitable dream meaning of Jumping Off the Cliff.

Feelings During the Dream

Pay attention to your feelings during the dream, if you felt like having a bundle of nerves, it may indicate you are not prepared to confront or fight your ongoing problem in your life which can not be avoided now. Is anyone or any situation around you has taken calls on your confidence like some past failure or poor incidence, understanding why you feel menial, lesser, or incapable is really important to determine the purpose of your dream?

Were you excited or ready for the fall or the jump? If yes, it can be taken as a positive sign as it indicates you will certainly get over this problematic phase of your walking life. If you see you are all geared up with the right equipment before the jump, it may indicate you are feeling insecure, scared, or unconfident about your capabilities while dealing with a certain tough situation in your waking life.

You are all geared in your dream indicates that you understand that acting now is the only option for you and thus you are taking a chance and trusting moments for a safe landing. Take the instance of trusting and doing your best, you will certainly defeat your fears and insecurities.

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Dream of Jumping Off a Cliff and Circumstances in the Dream

Did anyone push you in your dream? If you see yourself falling or jumping off the Cliff as someone pushed you from the Cliff, it may indicate you are scared of uncertainties in terms of people, situations, or even their reactions or actions. If you felt that you accidentally tripped or slipped from the cliff in your dream, then it may indicate loss of balance in your waking life or control issues.

The dream may also indicate that upcoming times may bring troubles or difficulties for you and thus watching or balancing your actions, reactions are very important. Are you relying on someone for solutions for your problem? If it is so, take your dream as a sign and buck up, take charge of things in your hand, strike the balance and hit in the right directions. Relying on others may not help you, so,  have faith in your capabilities and instincts.

If you see yourself jumping off the Cliff and then opening the parachute and safely landing or any such related dream situation, it is a good sign as your dream represents freedom. It suggests your desire to free yourself from negativity, grudges, or any such past incidences which are always been the source of your insecurity.

Dirty Toilet Dreams Meaning: Let’s Interpret Now!

Dirty Toilet Dreams Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about filthy bathrooms? The Dream Meaning of a Filthy Bathroom or Dirty Toilet may have an association with the toxicity, cynicism, despair, or despondency of your waking life. As per the dream interpretations, a dirty toilet represents inner conflicts, some aspect of your waking life is affecting your subconscious mind as it is not in harmony with your conscious state which on the surface seems to be calm.

What does it mean when I dream of using a toilet full of feces? A toilet full of feces may also indicate that you are facing some problem in your waking life and you are frustrated as you have no clue to overcome this problem. What does seeing a toilet in dream mean? Seeing a toilet in your dream may represent the same as in the case of the dirty toilet but the difference is with the desire.

If you dream about a toilet in your dream, it may indicate your intentions to get rid of the toxicity of your waking life. Let’s find in detail- What does seeing a dirty toilet in a dream means and related interpretations?

Dirty Toilet Dreams Meaning
Dirty Toilet Dreams Meaning, Image Credit: Temple of Mara

Dream Meaning of a Dirty Toilet in Detail

A dirty toilet in a dream is connected with your deep-routed inner fights. Are you facing serious contradiction about some certain thought or belief of yours or certain decision which you have taken or about to take in your waking life? Someone or some situation around you is controlling you and not letting you speak the real voice of your heart which is your subconscious.

The dream of a dirty toilet may be a sign of your subconscious mind that your negative state of mind or conflicted state of mind about certain aspects or problems in your waking life is not letting you grow in a rightful manner.

Dream of Dirty Toilet and Personal Relationships

To see a dirty toilet in a dream in the context of personal relationships may indicate that you are not feeling happy or satisfied about your relationships and their impact on your waking life. If you see feces on the walls, then it may indicate problems in your personal relationship.

There is one more association related to the given dream scenario, which is, feces falling down on the floor of the toilet floor. Such a dream scenario may indicate that you are feeling imposed or there is no liberty of thoughts in your relationship. It may also indicate a lack of privacy or intimacy in your personal relationships.

The dream may also indicate that you are feeling suffocated in your personal relationships. Excess in everything is bad, maybe you are going through overwhelming relationships or a state of being in your waking life. Every Relationship no matter how good it is demand some space or ME time, Isthis space or ME time is missing in your relationships?

Dream Meaning of Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet in dream represents overflowing negative thoughts. The dream may have relation with your real time problems or only the assumed ones. Over thinking and especially negative over thinking is like a manifestation and maybe you are manifesting something unnecessary in your waking life.

So, take your dream as a message of your subconscious mind which believes in positive manifestation and avoid thinking about matters that really don’t exist or not worth giving a thought.

Elevator Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Elevator Dream Meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream of an Elevator? The dream meaning of an elevator is generally associated with your movement pattern in your waking life. If you see an elevator moving up and down in your dream then it may suggest that certain aspect of your life is not consistent whereas stability or consistency is required there.

Maybe your approach towards your life goals, personal emotions, material aspects, or work-related matters is constantly changing, either you are not taking it seriously or it may be because your approach is altogether wrong. What Does an Elevator in Dream Symbolize? An Elevator in your dream may symbolize a support mechanism in your waking life.

If Elevator in your dream is working fine and taking you to your desired floor or destination safely, it may mean your support mechanism is fully proof and working fine. On the contrary, if you are feeling trapped in the elevator or it is taking you to the wrong floor then it may indicate literally the same in your waking life i.e. your support mechanism is not right for you. Continue scrolling to know more about Elevator Dream Meaning and Interpretation.

Elevator Dream Meaning
Elevator Dream Meaning, Image Credit: Another Believer

Dream Meaning of an Elevator on the Basis of its Movement or Direction

It is very important to observe the movement or direction of the elevator in your dream as it may have a clear connection with your waking life circumstances and your subconscious mind. If you see an elevator going up then it may suggest a positive period of your life.. Coming times will bring positive and fruitful opportunities and rewards for you.

From the mental and emotional perspective too, an upward going elevator may suggest of high or good connection with your subconscious. The dream may suggest that there is a harmony between your conscious and subconscious mind.

On the contrary, if the elevator in your dream is going down, it may suggest that you might face problems or have to confront certain problematic situations or people while moving in the direction of your goals. Do observe how you were feeling during the movement, as it may also connect you with your current state of mind about the situation. Let’s consider a few more dream scenarios that may help you find the meaning of your dream of an elevator.

Stucked or Trapped in Elevator in your Dream

If in your dream you see yourself trapped in an elevator, and then it may indicate that you are feeling trapped in your waking life too between certain situations, emotions, or decisions. You are not able to move despite your desire or urge to move in the right direction because of these. For instance, it could be your work life or workplace, your personal relationships, or simply your monotonous and essential life duties.

Consider your waking life situation; are you not satisfied or happy at your workplace? Is someone taking credit for your efforts or not letting you come forward and show your potential? You may also take into consideration your relationships, are they toxic or not letting you grow as a person? The dream may also relate to your aspirations or desires.

Are you feeling absolutely stuck u in your life schedules that you are not able to give time to your passions, your hobbies, or simply get that essential “Me Time.”

Dream Meaning of a Broken Elevator

To dream of a broken elevator may be associated is your support mechanism. Maybe you are not getting the due support in terms of resources or motivation that you require to get your life goals. If you see a sign saying “Out of Order” or something like this outside the broken elevator, it may clearly be an indication that you are seeking support from the wrong people or circumstances.

It is better to take another route; you need to choose or find the right support mechanism that works for you instead of relying on the broken support mechanism. Likewise, if in your dream, the elevator is taking you to the wrong floor, then it may indicate the same. It may suggest that you are on the wrong route or associated with the wrong resources or people in your waking life.

Dream Meaning of Fire in House: What is the spiritual meaning of fire in house?

Dream Meaning of Fire in House

What is the spiritual meaning of fire in a dream? Spiritually, fire in dreams is a symbol of ardor, heat, deification, vexation, exasperation, or outrage. The dream may not necessarily be negative as it seems like rather it indicates positive changes which are soon going to be a part of your waking life. What does it mean when you see your house on fire in your dream?

A house in the dream may be a reflection of our existence source, our comfort zone, or protective shield. So, negatively, such a dream may mean uncertainties or loss of peace of mind. Positively, such a dream indicates major transformations, spiritual awakening, or an end to certain major issues or habits which were due as you were not ready because of your insecurities, fears, or inhibitions.

There are many aspects to this dream, so let’s cover in this article Dream Meaning of Fire in House: What is the spiritual meaning of fire in house?

Dream Meaning of Fire in House
Dream Meaning of Fire in House, Photo Credit: Sylvain Pedneault

What does it Mean When You See Your House on Fire in Your Dream? Negative

I generally prefer stating the negatives because I believe in happy endings. So, let’s first read about the negative aspects of the dream of a house on fire. The dream meaning of a house on fire may be interpreted as a warning or a signal of an uncertain and dangerous situation or event in your waking life. Here in the same context, the house represents you or your loved ones who live with you or who are a part of your life.

The fire on a house in a dream here again is associated with certain major switches or changes in your life that may not go in your favor and may create chaos (mental or physical but mostly mental) in your waking life. Consider and analyze your choices or decisions well before acting upon them.

The dream may also be a reflection of your anger or fury over something; maybe you have had enough of something and are now on the verge of breaking down or breaking the silence.

Maybe this is not the time as your expression will only deteriorate things or maybe you are perceiving things in the wrong way. Your dream maybe is a message from your subconscious mind which has covered all aspects of that situation which you have taken for granted or which you have conveniently overlooked.

What does it Mean When You See Your House on Fire in Your Dream? Positive

As per the theories of famous dream analyst Sigmund Freud, every dream has a purpose and reflects our unacknowledged desires or wishes. So, your dream of a house on fire maybe is a reflection of those desires which were not acknowledged as they need you to step down from your cocoon, your house.

So, here as per your dream we can interpret that maybe you have been resisting a major switch in your life as you are scared of new or unknown. It is also important to understand who is setting your house on fire in your dream? If it is you, then it may indicate that you are making up your mind or have already made your mind move towards this fresh phase of your waking life.

Consider your feelings during the dream were you doing it willingly or were you completely okay or affected by your loss because of this fire in your house? An unaffected you in this dream scenario is a positive sign as it shows that you have realized that this new move is much needed for you. The only way to find the purpose of our dream is to connect it with our waking life. Consider opportunities coming your way professionally.

Maybe a move now is the most sorted one for you. Personally, maybe your dream is about enlightenment for the better. You are burning your old beliefs which were blocking your path and unblocking a new path or perception which is the solution to your problems or will become the reason for your success and happiness in your waking life.

Few more Aspects Related to the Dream of House on Fire

To get a clear meaning or purpose of your dream, it is important to recall each and every detail of your dream like we covered the feeling in the above sections. So, if you see flames in your dream then it may be a positive sign as flames in your dream represents soaring aspirations, awakening or light in your life. Try to connect every detail like what was the condition of the house, who was setting the fire, was the house empty or too large, and most importantly your state of mind during the dream.

Generally, an empty house on fire in the dream is interpreted as a need for safekeeping, shielding or reliability, and a large house is interpreted as bottled up emotions that may be blocking your way. Are you feeling insecure or alone or going through a tough time? If you see you were in the house and struggling, it may indicate your literal struggle with your beliefs and feelings or your struggle to overcome certain addictions.

Lastly, if you see a fire extinguisher in your dream, then it may indicate your resistance to change. Maybe you still trying to overlook or avoid the change (mental and physical) or procrastinating it because of your fears of the unknown.

Dream Meaning of Bathing in the Bathroom: Let’s Understand Meaning and Interpret It!

Dream Meaning of Bathing in the Bathroom

What Does Taking Bath In Bathroom In Dream Mean? The dream of bathing is mostly considered as a positive dream as it represents your urge to get rid of negativity in your waking life. What Does Taking Shower In Bathroom In your Dream Mean?  If you see yourself taking a shower in a bathroom than it indicates important life changes. Such a dream is a sign of fresh starts or positive endings in your waking life.

Bathing in bathroom dream may also be a call of self enlightenment or healing. Maybe it’s a desire of recovering from old wounds and sufferings of your negative incidences of past. What Is The Dream Meaning Of Bathing In A Dirty Bathroom? A dirty bathroom in your dream represents the rough phase or problems of your life. If the water is clean then it is a positive sign but if the water is dirty then it may be warning against damaging and scandalous people around you in your waking life.

Dream Meaning of Bathing in the Bathroom
Dream Meaning of Bathing in the Bathroom | Photo Credit: telegraphindia .com

Detailed Dream Meaning of Bathing in the Bathroom

To dream about bathing in the bathroom is considered as a positive dream as it suggests emotional healing, fresh opportunities and happiness in life of dreamer. Bathing in dream reflects your willingness or desire to overcome a negative situation of your waking life.  So it is like half the battle won, as you are ready to vent out your bottled up negative emotions which were killing your high spirits.

To understand the dream it is important to observe where you were bathing and what you were feeling during the dream. If you were happy in your dream then it is a positive sign and suggests that you are ready for a new life. You have cleansed your soul from the emotional burden which was keeping you away from happiness.

If you are sad or feeling stressed in your dream then it suggests you are still in the dilemma. Maybe you are finding it difficult to express or maybe you are scared of the possible consequences.

Bathing in a Public Bathroom

Bathing in a public bathroom in your dream signifies bottled up sufferings or negative emotions of your life.  If you are looking for public bathroom in your dream where you can cleanse your body then it may indicate that it is time to vent out your suppressed emotions to the concerned people in your waking life.

It’s been long you have been holding these and now is the time to free up your subconscious from this emotion burden. In your dream if you are not able to find a public bathroom then it indicates you are not able to express these suppressed emotions, something is stopping you. It could be some incidence of your past or maybe your own inhibitions.

Bathing in a Dirty Bathroom

Seeing yourself bathing in a dirty bathroom reflects your outlook and approach towards adverse situations or negative people in your waking life. Maybe you need to evaluate your approach to get rid of such negative influences in your life.

Bathing in dirty bathroom may also be a sign of ongoing relationship problems. Your dream maybe a sign that you need to put an end to the toxic or draining relationship of your waking life. Maybe your current relationship or partner is draining your positive energy or spirit and not letting you think or move forward rationally towards your goals. This kind of vicious relationship is the biggest hindrance in your personal and spiritual growth and it is the time for closure.

Article first published on April 16, 2021.

Visiting Mosque in Dream: What Does It Mean? Let’s Understand Meaning and Interpretation

Visiting a mosque in dream

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Visiting a Mosque? A dream of visiting a Mosque is connected with the need of solace or succor in your waking life. Some sufferings or wounds (emotional sufferings or memories of bad incidence) of your past still are not healed and are troubling your subconscious. What Does it Mean When a Mosque comes in Your Dream? The dream may also symbolize self awakening, wisdom and prosperity in dreamer’s waking life.

A mosque in your dream may also suggest that you are remembering or longing for someone in your waking life. You are feeling enveloped by memories of someone who was once very close to you, maybe things didn’t end well and you had to part ways. It may be anyone – a friend, a relative or may be a colleague.

Visiting a mosque in dream
Visiting a mosque in dream

What Happens If We See Dargah in Dream? A Dargah in dream is considered as a good omen as it shows an end to your sufferings or problems in coming times. Read more to know about – What Does it Mean When You Dream of Visiting a Mosque and What Does a Mosque Symbolize in Dream?

What Does a Mosque Symbolize in Dream?

Symbolically, a mosque represents an urge, solace, hope or belief. The dream of mosque may also be associated with unworldly, impractical or far-fetched expectations from someone in your life or may be yourself. It may also be like that you are asking or expecting for a miracle or magic to get what you want in your life. A minaret in your dream may also be an urge of a reunion with some old friend and rectification of some action or poor gesture of past with him/her.

Such a dream may suggest that you need to be careful with your actions or words when it comes to relationships as you may often put your relationship at stake because of your poor impulses or temperaments. Visiting a nosque in your dream may also suggest that you need to talk about your past suffering as its memories are burdening your subconscious.

Visiting a mosque in dream
Visiting a mosque in dream

Construction of a Mosque in Dream

If you see yourself involved in building or construction of a mosque in your dream then it may suggest that time has come to enjoy the rewards. Your honest intentions and good work is finally getting paid off. Such a dream is a very overwhelming dream and suggests that coming times will be feeling very satisfying and rewarding as it marks success to your conviction. So this may be a dream of success and gratification.

Seeing someone else involved in the process of building a mosque may indicate that someone is in need and you have the capability and resources to help him/her.

On the other side if you see yourself destroying the mosque, it may suggest that you are feeling uneasy or burdened with an anticipation of wrong move. It may also suggest that you may have done something which you feel may be offensive to others. Take the dream as a sign and mend your actions if you really feel were offensive.

Visiting a mosque in dream
Visiting a mosque in dream

If the unease is just about not making up to someone’s expectations then mosque in your dream may be a sign of your inner peace which is very much required. Your peace with your subconscious is more important than other’s expert comment on your actions, so understand to make mistakes sometimes is human.

An Empty Mosque in your Dream

An empty mosque in your dream may reflect your empty social life. You need to take some time from your monotonous work life and catch up with your friends. Human being is a social animal and this need of being with others is necessary for one’s mental well being.

Visiting a mosque in dream
Visiting a mosque in dream

An empty mosque and similar blank feelings in your dream may also indicate your awkwardness or state of confusion to how to make up for the time where you have distanced yourself from your friends. May be there is a feeling inside you too that they may not consider you as your friend anymore and you are out of the friends zone standing alone.

Article Title: Visiting Mosque in Dream: What Does It Mean? Let’s Understand Meaning and Interpretation
Article first published on October 11, 2020.

Dream Meaning of Police Station: Let’s Interpret!

Dream Meaning of Police Station

Seeing A Police Station In Your Dream Mean an overstressed work environment, and exhausting routines. It may also be a reflection of your inner struggle to do well in the adverse circumstances. The dream may also reflect your inquisitive nature, your keenness to explore or know things on the surface and deep down. How To Interpret Your Police Station Dream?

Seeing A Police Station Dream Interpretation is connected with various scenarios in your dream. What you were feeling in your dream, did you go to the Police Station on your own or you were forcibly taken there? Read all about Seeing Police Station In Your Dream Meaning and Interpretation in the coming section of the article.

Dream Interpretation of Police Station
Dream Interpretation of Police Station

Seeing Police Station In Your Dream Meaning

Seeing Police Station In Your Dream Interpretation sheds light on your intrusive or curious nature. The dream show your extreme desire to learn or understand certain discipline of life.

If you see an empty or abandoned Police Station in your dream then it signifies that you are giving too much importance to stumbling blocks. The dream is an advice that instead you need to stay determined and focused towards your goals and objectives in life.

Seeing a desolated or wrecked Police Station in your dream can be taken as a positive sign. The dream reflects smooth and healthy relationship goals and better understanding between couples in coming times.

Dream Meaning of Police Station
Dream Meaning of Police Station

Going to the Police Station in Dream

Going to the Police Station in your dream or seeing yourself in the Police Station Dream symbolizes confrontation or a desire for self development. The dream shows your raised inclination towards being a righteous person.

The dream also reflects your skeptical nature or situations or person you are skeptical about. Seeing Police Station In Your Dream may be sign of revelation. You can expect some secrets coming out in open or some queries addressed from things or people which were a mystery to you.

Seeing yourself living in the Police Station may reflect your inability to live life to the full due to your own apprehension and affliction. The dream can be a message from your subconscious mind to let go of these undesired thoughts and doubts which are coming in way of your happiness.

Seeing yourself in the police station for no criminal charges may also be a sign of seeking pointers or advice from others. The Police Station Dream Signifies that you are feeling stuck up in a situation in your waking life. To come out of it you need help and direction from someone. Dream here is a sign that you may be misjudging or over judging your own self which is not good for you.

Dream Meaning of Police Station
Dream Meaning of Police Station

Arrested or Taken by Force in Dream

Taken to the Police Station forcibly in your dream may symbolize your inner conflict, unruly and headstrong nature. It may also signify resistance to accept your struggles.

The dream suggests that despite of realizing a wrong aspect of your personality or decision you are not ready to confess it. The dream may also be a sign of your trouble to fit in to conventional norms or social pressures.

Article first published on June 17, 2020.

Dreaming of Your Old House: What Does It Mean? Let’s Understand Meaning

Dreaming of Your Old House

What does Old House Dream Mean and Symbolizes? Old House Dream can mean different things, the dream is associated with various unique and ego-maniacal approaches, like to some it may reflect just a feeling of nostalgia leading to a need of reuniting or homecoming, while to many others it may symbolize old reflexes, perspectives or persuasions.

Old House Dream Interpretations form their basis on many aspects, the dream can be interpreted as sign of change of some old beliefs or perspectives, your current circumstances does not approve of your old school of thought and a change is much needed to cope up well in current situations. The dream could be a narrator of your memoir, any current situation might have reminded you of a past incidence or feeling.

Old House Dream Interpretation
Old House Dream Interpretation

Old House Dream is Good or Bad?

The dream interpretations throw light on both- good and bad sides; it signifies your present approach or role in your life. If in your dream, you see the old house in a perfect condition then it shows that you are happy and contended in your current life.

If you see yourself involved with renovation, reconstruction or repairs of old house then it may imply that you are on the right path, with regular efforts and improvisations you will continue to secure this happy space in your life.

If in your dream you see the old house in a poor, run-down or impaired condition, then it is a negative sign, the dream reflects a sloppy or irresponsible attitude. Your subconscious mind is suggesting you to change your ways for better, it could be your inability to give up an old habit, neglecting your basic well being or certain ailment or a simple need to groom and improvise your physical appearance.

Dreaming of Your Old House
Dreaming of Your Old House

Why Am I Seeing the Old House Dream?

Old House Dream is mostly a reflection of your past life, the dream signifies the need or desire to go back in time and change or finish what’s left in between or neglected, the roots of your past has started germinating in your current life and your subconscious mind is asking you to confront those unresolved or wrongly perceived issues.

The Old House Dream is also an indication of your perception, the dream is a sign that you need review your ideology and take control of the unattended issues of your life. These ideologies and unattended issue could be your relationships which need attention, your die hard habits or careless attitude towards your life, family or may be health.

Scroll down further to know more about Old House Dream Meaning And Interpretations.

Different Aspects and Interpretations of Old House Dream

Seeing Old House on Fire dream is a warning from your subconscious mind to give up poor habits or destructive ways before situations or things go beyond control and cause permanent damage to you.

Bulldozing or Destruction of Old House is also a negative sign; the dream indicates grudges, ill-will, frictions, family feud or feeling of antipathy. Someone close or may be from the family is not keeping good intentions for you and you need to stay away or stay careful from him/her.

Walking into the Old House Dream can be interpreted as a positive sign, the dream reflects your smooth flow and implies that you are proceeding well and moving in the right direction.

Dream of replacing the furniture or putting new furniture in the old house indicates a new investment, acquisition or venture, you are venturing into a new stage of life which will make you more independent, dream can be associated with both aspects – your personal life or professional life.

Dreaming of Your Old House
Dreaming of Your Old House

Grass Growing in your Old House dream is a good omen, the dream is a sign of upcoming good news, a marriage proposal, ceremony or may be a birth in the family.

Dream of going back to Old House reflects nostalgia, you are missing good old days,  the dream reflects your need to take a break from your monotonous and exhausting life schedule. The dream also reflects desire to resume some habits of past life or your desire to meet an old friend or join an old organization.

Dream of grandparent’s old house is interpreted as message from your subconscious mind to avoid the rush, review situations and things closely before taking an action, your current reflexes or moods may put your reputation or your family’s reputation at stake.

Dream of buying old house is a good sign if house is in perfect condition, the dream signifies success and growth. If old house in your dream is not in good shape then it is an indication of upcoming tough times.

Article first published on May 27, 2020.

Dream Interpretation of travelling in a bus: Let’s Understand!

Dream About Bus

Bus, train, car or any other vehicle are modes of transport we use to reach our destination. Let’s talk about dream meaning of bus, so the bus in your dream is a projection of your movement in life. Are you the one who is traveling in it or are you the one who is driving it? Typical to the movement of routes of buses, are you just moving the typical way, the common way which makes you no different from others or have you find a different route for yourself?

What does a bus symbolize in dreams? Dream interpretation of traveling in a bus indicates your attitude towards life, if you are traveling in bus, you take the right bus which goes on your route, you yourself cannot simply hop on the bus and direct the driver to take your route as bus is a public means of transport. Likewise bus dream represents your movement and way to go attitude, are you a person who follows, is consistent or you can say in simple words a ‘commoner’ or do you stand out differently? Read in detail further…

Travelling in a bus dream
Travelling in a bus dream

Meaning of Traveling in a Bus Dream

Similar to the fixed bus routes, our life is also stuck into different stages of movement, starting from our birth to moving to different stages, like studying, following our parents then professional life and then family. Routes of life are clearly defined for us, the bus dream signifies that you are confined to the routes of life.

In other words, dream implies that since you are not driving the bus, you don’t have the choices that you want for your life, yes movement is there but that movement is consistent, you are not enjoying or may be not getting the result, the way you want.

Dream About Bus
Dream About Bus

Bus Dream Symbolizes

The dream of traveling in a bus symbolizes your desire for uniqueness or standing out. If we interpret the dream with career’s perspective then it suggests that you are stuck up in a job which is not valued enough and you are just like any other commoner who is just juggling with his life with no personal aspiration or motivation.

The defined routes of the bus reflect phases or realms of your life in which you wish to grow and succeed and you have the capability to rise or create better options for you, but your present circumstances or monetary state is not allowing you to do so.

Different Aspects to the Dream

Let’s explore various aspects related to bus traveling dream here;

  • Dream of waiting for the bus, which never comes or getting into a wrong bus

The dream suggests that you are feeling estranged or isolated; your life has come to a standstill, the choices you have made in your life were not right for you and now you are at the stage where you have surrendered to those circumstances. A different approach to the dream suggests that are trying to ignore or cover the real and vexatious facts associated with your life.

  • Dream of missing the bus

The dream suggest exactly the same scenario, you could have improved or excel but efforts on your part were good enough or you can say that, you missed the opportunity when it knocked.

Dream About Bus
Dream About Bus
  • Dream of riding the bus

The dream signifies hope and positivity, you know the way out to your reservations. Despite of the hurdles (monetary or people) you have found the way out, the dream signifies your hold over situations and entry of some powerful sources or connections which will help you succeed or stand out.

Article first published on May 24, 2020.

Travelling Abroad Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Travelling Abroad Dream

Traveling Abroad Dream Meaning is associated with many interpretations, ‘abroad destination‘ here in your dream represent an unknown or a new change and traveling signifies the desire for escape to this unknown. To understand the Traveling Abroad Dream Interpretation, it is important to consider your surroundings, your reactions or experiences in the dream.

Traveling Abroad Dream a Good Sign? If you see yourself enjoying or happy while traveling abroad in your dream then it is a positive sign and on the contrary if you are not happy in your dream or feeling scared then it is a negative indication. Mostly the Traveling Abroad Dream Interpretation reflects the changes that are occurring in your life. Join us in our article to understand the deeper Traveling Abroad Dream Meaning and Traveling Abroad Dream Interpretation.

Travelling Abroad Dream Meaning
Travelling Abroad Dream Meaning

What does travel abroad mean?

A travel abroad dream means a change, a good one, the dream suggests that you have been working too hard and now you need a break from this work situation. A fresh and exciting break is much needed to break the monotony of this vicious work circle.

Professionally, the dream also implies that you need an open-minded approach to accept the new opportunities. So time to reconsider the job change or switch which you have been holding.  Seeing yourself stressed out in dream also signifies that you need to realize your true worth and make a move for betterment soon.

Dreaming of visiting a foreign country that you have already visited mean that you need to put in that extra effort which is missing to enjoy the changes. You have already stepped in to the required change zone, but you need a different angle to retrospect the changes to solve and enjoy the purpose of change.

If you dream about traveling to an absolutely foreign destination then the dream implies a major turn or change (positive) in your life is on the way. The change will help you gain more knowledge and wisdom in life.

Dreaming of Travelling Abroad
Dreaming of Travelling Abroad

Preparing for abroad: What does it mean?

In your dream if you see yourself busy in preparation for the abroad trip then it is a positive sign, the dream suggest that good and pleasant change or time is moving towards you. You are either in the process or planning for a move which will bring considerable good changes in your life. Your subconscious mind has already sensed the good for you, so prepare yourself for the good changes, set your goals well and get ready to embrace the change.

The dream also reveals a different love angle and indicates a pleasant entry in your life. The dream also indicates that you will mend the situations which were once left to get worse.

Preparing and Going for Abroad Holiday

Preparing and going for abroad holiday in your dream symbolizes high spirits, well-being and contentment. The dream suggest of a  positive change in your life which will put you back in spirits. The holiday dream is an indicative of good times, some change which will help you extract the juice and get the best out the situation. So stay positive good days are coming ahead.

Travelling Abroad Dream
Travelling Abroad Dream

The dream may also signify that you need to relax; your subconscious mind is suggesting you for a change, a change that will take you out of the old, depressing situations in which you are trapped in. Take the dream as a wake-up call and do what can help you come out of that unwanted and unnecessary situation.

Spiritually, Traveling Abroad Dream Interpretation also implies of a good and positive time for you, the time to enjoy the changes and live your life.

Article first published on May 17, 2020.