Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning: What Does It Mean When You Kiss Your Ex-Lover

Dream Meaning Of kissing Your Ex is a very ambivalent and common dream as dream interpretation is associated with both the literal meaning and the hidden meaning of the dream. One Interpretation to Seeing Yourself Kissing Your Ex- Boyfriend suggests that you are just missing or reminded of some qualities or attributes of that person.

On the other literal side, Kissing Dream Meaning Of Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend can also be associated with feelings of incomplete closure. The dream may also suggest that despite of moving into a new relationship you have not been able to move on completely from your past relationship. Scroll more to know more about Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning and Interpretation.


Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning
Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning


Dream Meaning of Kissing your Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Lover

Seeing Yourself Kissing Your Ex- Boyfriend or Ex-Lover Dream Meaning is associated with different interpretations. Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend is a very dubious dream, so don’t feel guilty after waking up if you are in a stable and a blessed relationship now. To understand your dream you need to follow your emotions or feelings during the dream. In the coming sections you can read about feelings and their association with the dream.

The dream may necessarily not mean that you are not over him rather it may reflect some aspects of your past relationship or him which you have always appreciated or liked. The dream here suggests that somewhere deep inside you are missing those traits or aspects and you want to inculcate those in your current relationship. The dream may also be suggestive of adding some spice or romance in your present relationship.

Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning
Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself kissing your ex may also suggest that still some emotional strings are attached to that relationship. The dream here reflects your desire to be in that relationship or to be with your Ex-Boyfriend again. The dream of kissing your Ex-Boyfriend may also be suggestive of need of proper closure, you dumped or you were dumped? If yes why? Maybe things or feelings were not clearly spoken or communicated.

Feelings and Emotions During the Dream

Your feelings during the dream may suggest a perfect interpretation to the Kissing Ex-Boyfriend Dream. So to understand your dream it is important to consider your feelings in your dream. If you see yourself regretting over the kiss or feeling guilty of being unethical then it is a positive sign.  Dream meaning here suggest that you are in a blessed and a supportive relationship and will get all the love and support of your current partner in coming times.

If you are feeling embittered or frustrated in your dream then it is suggestive of some ongoing issues with your partner. On the other side if you are happy in your dream then it is a good sign and reflects positivity in your current relationship– no strings are left attached and all is well in this relationship. If you see yourself in a gloomy or saddened state in your dream while kissing your Ex-Boyfriend then it may signify your desire to be in that relationship again.

Some more Interpretations to the kissing Ex- Lover/Boyfriend Dream

Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning
Kissing Your Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning

Passionate Kissing in the Dark is suggestive of sexual urges for some women or may be someone of opposite gender.

Kissing your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Lover on your wedding is not interpreted as a good sign as the dream reflects you may face the same hurtful issues of your ex- relationship in your current relationship. The dream may also signify upcoming troubles or issues in your present relationship.

Unplanned or sudden kiss from your Ex-Boyfriend or Lover  in your dream may signify entry of new love and happy relationship in your life. You can expect good times in your current relationship too if you are already in a stable relationship.

The dream of seeing your ex-boyfriend kissing you passionately on your lips may reflect desire for the past relationship again from his side. The dream of kissing your ex-boyfriend on lips may reflect some ambiguous feelings and desires for your past relationship or your Ex-Boyfriend.

Dream meaning Of Kissing Your Ex- may mean nothing much relevant also as dreams are result of dynamix of our feelings of waking times. So just analyze your feelings or situations of waking life as there is nothing to feel guilty or bad about the dream if you are in a committed and a trustworthy relationship. Stay happy and Blessed.

What if you dream about your ex lover? What does it mean when you kiss your ex?

Dreaming about an ex-partner can be linked to past emotional trauma from the relationship, according to studies. Stressful emotions and unresolved issues from past relationships can also impact your dreams. It is also possible for the death of a loved one or partner to cause trauma and lead to dreaming about them.  Dreaming of passionately kissing your ex-partner may indicate a desire for intense passion in your current life. However, this dream does not necessarily imply that you miss your ex, and it may cause confusion if you are currently in a happy and stable relationship.