Seeing Alive Person Dead in Dream Meaning and Interpretation

What Is The Meaning Of Seeing Alive person Dead In Dream? Dream meaning of seeing alive person dead can be associated with your grieving memories or remembrance of that person. Or maybe it is just a sign that you need to catch up with that person as you haven’t met him/her for long. Is it good to see dead person in dream. Such a dream is associated with both positive and negative interpretations.

Sometimes such dreams are a sign of a new start or phase of our life and sometimes it may also be a warning against something in our waking life. It is important to recall the details of your dream to understand the clear purpose of your dream. Scroll down to know more in this section about – What Does It Mean When You See Alive Person Dead In Your Dream?

Parents Dying Dream
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Unsettled Issues

Such dreams reflect some broken facts about your relationship with them. May be there is some kind of cold war going on between you which your subconscious mind is trying to end through your dream. Maybe the fight was not worth putting the relationship at stake but your  or theirs ego is not letting you solve the matter.

Who is Dead in your Dream?

The details about who you see dead in dream is of utmost importance while interpreting the meaning of your dream. If the person who you saw dead in dreams was an old man or woman then it could be sign of giving up an old attitude or behavior or perception. Maybe this trait of yours is the biggest obstacle in your way to your goals or aspirations.

The dream may also suggest that you are stuck to some incidence of your past. You are not ready to move to next step as you are still holding past negative experiences. Dream of an old person dying here may indicate that it is high time you need to free your heart and mind from that past.

A Family Member or You Dead in Dream

If you see someone from your family dead in dream, then it may represent your concern or vulnerability about some situation or aspect related to that person. Such dreams may also signify shifts or changes in relationship status or a major switch or change in your waking life like a new house, transfer etc.

For instance, if you see your alive parents dead in your dream then it may be as sign that you are scared of the fact that one day you will lose them. You are feeling too concerned about their health or well-being and this too much concern and fear is reflecting through your dream.

If you see your child dead in dream then it may suggest that in your heart somewhere you are recalling their childhood or missing it if you haven’t given your time to it. In such dream scenarios, death of that person is representing the finish to a stage and a succession to a new stage.

If you are dead in your dream then it reflects that you will soon be moving to a new phase of your life. Your death in dream is symbolic of death of a painful old phase which might have got you sufferings or losses, so cheer up the dream is a sign of positivity and progress in your waking life.

Article first published on April 13, 2021.

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