Seeing Black Snake in Dream Meaning and Interpretation

What Does It Mean To See A Black Snake In Dream? A black snake in your dream may be an indication of a significant change which is required in your waking life. It could be that something in your life is trying to get your attention badly. Black snakes in your dream may also be associated with your deep dark hidden feelings, anxieties and sorrows. What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A Black Snake Trying To Bite You?

If the black snake in your dream is trying to bite you, that suggest that someone around will betray or fool you or play with you for their personal selfish motives. Being bitten by black snake in dream is symbolic of deceit, cheating, fraudulence or slyness. A dream of black snake is associated with both positive and negative interpretations, let’s read more in this section about – What Does Dreaming About Black Snakes Mean?

Seeing Black Snake in Dream
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Chased or Bitten By Black Snake in Dream

If a black snake is chasing you in your dream then it suggests some sort of restlessness which is going on in your mind and troubling you. Such a dream is an indication of your own negative suppressed thoughts or emotions. Something is really bothering you or maybe it is about negative anticipation.

The dream suggests you are trapped in your own negativity and it is not letting to you to come to a conclusion or decision about something in your waking life. Maybe you are feeling insecure or doubting your interpretation or skills about a decision or situation in your waking life.

Feelings during the Dream

Your feelings matter a lot while interpreting your dream of Black snake. So, recall your feelings during the dream, what your reaction was when you saw the black snake or when it was approaching you or maybe threatening you.

If you were panicked or intimidated or terrorized by its presence in your dream then it may indicate the disharmony of your heart and mind. Maybe things on surface look promising or fulfilling but deep inside the real satisfaction or happiness is missing and through the dream, your subconscious is expressing that.

Such a situation would also indicate that you are clueless about a dangerous situation or person around you. If you are feeling too scared or getting goose bumps then it may be a reflection of your frightful state of mind. Maybe old memories of a real-life struggle or a problematic phase of your life are still haunting your subconscious mind or it could be an ongoing struggle over a problem.


Presence of a black snake in your dream may also be suggestive of a major transformation which is required for your mental or physical well-being. It may also be realization of some trait of your personality which you never noticed or acknowledged.

If you see a black snake which was cut into two pieces then it may be a sign that you need to work on your social skills. You need to learn to say no if you think you are over generous or considerate to people and if the case is just the opposite, try to empathize with people. Mutual respect and rumination are the key to healthy relationships.

Is it good luck to see a black snake? 

If you dream of black snakes, it could indicate that there are significant changes or transformations on the horizon in your life. Some believe that black snakes in dreams represent emotions such as anxiety, fear, depression, or sadness. In Hindu mythology, encountering a snake in a dream is typically associated with troubles and worries, but catching one is believed to symbolize victory over enemies. Being bitten by a snake is often considered fortunate, while killing a snake is seen as unlucky. Paying attention to the details of the dream and the cultural symbolism associated with snakes can provide insight into its meaning.

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