Taking Selfie in Dream Meaning: What does it mean to dream taking selfies?

What does it mean to dream about clicking selfies? A selfie dream is generally associated with the behavioral aspects of a person. The dream meaning of taking selfies may be a simple indication of your subconscious self-cherishing the best memories of you and the important moments of your waking life.  For instance, the dream may relate to the remembrance of an important event of you like your graduation day at college or maybe your engagement or any award ceremony. Such a dream may reflect that you are more I, Me, Myself kind of person and simply enjoys being the center of attraction.

If you see yourself taking a selfie in a dream then it may also suggest that you are feeling lonely or detached from your loved ones. What type of selfie you are clicking is also an important observation to make while interpreting the selfie dream. Do you see yourself clicking a nude selfie? Let’s find out in this article more about the aspects and interpretations of the selfie dream. Continue scrolling to read in detail about – Taking Selfie in Dream Meaning: What does it mean to dream taking selfies?

Taking Selfie in Dream Meaning
Taking Selfie in Dream Meaning, Image Credit: François GOGLINS

General Dream Meaning of a Selfie Dream

A selfie dream is associated with both negative and positive interpretations. Mostly the dream represents the traits and aspects of your personality in your waking life. If you see yourself taking selfies in the dream then it may be a clear indication of your overpowering self-love that is appreciable but not when you are at fault. The dream of taking selfies suggests that you are mostly into the “I, Me, Myself “zone and feel that the life of others also revolves around you. It’s like you are the main character of the movie and the presence of each artist is just to enhance your character or role.

Are you an extremist? A selfie dream may suggest that you live in extremes, it’s your way or highway and that’s the kind of attitude you keep in your waking life. On a different note, it may also suggest that you are a two-faced of double-tongued person, you switch easily to the opposite as per your convenience.

The dream may also suggest that you are a very social person and social interaction or company is important for you, perhaps you are feeling lonely in your waking life, are you? The dream on the contrary maybe is a sign that you are too much into yourself and in this self-love hurting feelings of people you love. The selfie dream may indicate that your subconscious mind is cherishing the golden moments or certain moments of your life where you outshined everyone.

On the contrary, it may be fear of your subconscious mind of some past situation which is on the verge of repeating (if not entirely maybe a related one) where you have landed yourself into an embarrassing or troubling situation.  Let’s read more about the dream in the coming paragraphs.

Dream Meaning of taking Selfie and Personal Relationships

As we stated above, the selfie dream may suggest your self-centered and attention seeker trait and now in a similar context may be your subconscious mind is trying to suggest you shift your focus from you to your loved ones. Your self-love is now affecting your relationships as there is absolutely no scope of you being wrong in them. Maybe you are not right or doing something wrong but with this self-perception of you being right always you are ruining your relationship.

Blaming others or making others feel culpable about something or everything is not an attitude that works and through your selfie dream, your subconscious mind is portraying that association. In a similar context, the dream may also suggest that you are not doing justice to the relationship as you love to take all the credit and be engrossed in your feelings, needs, and thoughts so much that you are not able to acknowledge what your relationship or your partner is demanding. Maybe your loved ones are feeling ignored or deeply hurt and your subconscious mind is trying to bring that to you.

Dream Meaning of Taking Nude Selfie

The dream meaning of taking a nude selfie may also have both negative and positive interpretations. Starting with the positive first, a nude selfie dream maybe is an indication of self-acceptance or a confident self. Were you feeling low or conscious about your looks lately? Did someone praise you about something which was embarrassing you or making you conscious? The dream of a nude selfie doesn’t necessarily is related to looks rather it may be a dream of self discovery as well.

Negatively, a nude self dream may suggest that you need to stay cautious about certain situations that you may come across in near future. You need to be watchful about your actions, gestures, and words or you may end up in a regretful phase of life.