Black Shadow Dream Meaning: What does it mean to dream about shadows?

Black Shadow Dream Meaning

What does it mean to Dream About Shadows in the dark? Or What does it mean to dream about shadows? The dream meaning of seeing shadows may reflect that something in your waking life is making you uneasy. You may be living in a certain situation, place, or with someone and have a feeling that you do not belong here or this is not what you have wanted for your life.

The dream about shadows may also be related to incidences of your past life, especially those moments or incidences you are not very proud of. Somewhere a dream about shadows in the dark or black shadow may also represent trepidation, or anxiety about some decision or stand taken by you in your current waking life. Black shadows in dreams may also represent mysterious, ruinous, or gloomy aspects of your personality. Continue scrolling to know more in detail about Black Shadow Dream Meaning: What does it mean to dream about shadows?

Black Shadow Dream Meaning
Black Shadow Dream Meaning, Image Credit: DarwIn

General Dream Meaning of Shadows

Were you scared in your dream? The dream about shadows may represent certain aspects of your waking life that are tangled. Your conscience and subconscious are in a conflicted state. Perhaps, you are stuck up in something vicious, you cannot even stay nor even come out of it. The dream may relate to your relationships and work-life both.

Getting nightmares about shadows may also relate to your state of vulnerability, maybe you are expecting from someone or something a lot, or relying totally on someone or something for your survival (emotional and physical). This vulnerability could be insecurities like financial instability, addictions, or needs (emotional or material). Read more in detail about shadows nightmare in the coming paragraph.

Why do I  Keep Dreaming about Horrifying Dark Shadows?

A recurring dream about spine-chilling or spooky shadows may be a sign from your subconscious that it is time for you to overcome your inhibitions, apprehensions, and meekness. Your lack of faith in yourself or your capabilities (mostly mental) is not letting you put an end to your problems. The dream may also suggest escapism or deliberate ignorance, perhaps you are not ready to face problems thinking they are small or petty and they will vanish on their own in some time.

These problems are representing the shadows in your dream and are recurring again and again in some or the other form and each time with a more horrifying shape or figure. The only way to stop such dreams is to confront your problems, this way, your subconscious mind will get a boost and you may not have to see the dream again. You may find it difficult but, in the end, your inner soul will be free from the pressure or burden of guilt or feeling of a loser.

Dream Meaning of Shadows and Incidences from Past

The ugly memories of your past may also be the cause of your dreams of shadows. You may have moved on but in your memories, that fiasco is still fresh. The dream may relate to certain failures or mistakes of your past that are still haunting you. The biggest loser in life is one who does nothing, mistakes are meant to improve us, so it is okay.

Accept your past, and your actions even if you feel disgusted about them but running away from those memories will not help. The only way to get rid of these shadows from your life is to move on, and stop blaming you or cursing you for something that is over now instead think of it as an experience that will save you further from such demeaning incidences.