Snake Flying Dream Meaning: What does flying snake in a dream symbolize?

What is the meaning of flying snake in the dream? The dream meaning of a flying snake may have an association with issues or problems going on in your life which are intractable. The significance of flying in this dream depicts a capricious transition or shift of the problems and their nature. In other words, we can say that you may feel trapped in the vicious circle of problems that will come flying to you one after another swiftly. What does snakes flying mean in a dream spiritually?

On the contrary, flying snakes in dreams may also lead to a positive interpretation of the dreamer’s problematic phase of life. There are several interpretations to the dream based on the actions of this deadly reptile, your feelings, and your actions. To get more clarity about the dream, you can pay attention to the color of the flying snake in the dream. Continue scrolling to know more in detail about- Snake Flying Dream Meaning: What does flying snake in a dream symbolize?

General Dream Meaning of Flying Snake

A flying snake in the dream may represent the constant and consecutive flow of problems in the dreamer’s life. The situation would be like the one you will overcome one problem, another one will be ready with heads up. The nature of the problem is critical, fiendish, it will put you into the testing stage or would be hard to swallow. The interpretation of dreams may differ for everyone on the basis of their feelings. For instance, if you were happy or not scared at all during the dream, it may indicate a solution to your problems or an end to this problematic era of your life. The upcoming times will bring happiness and harmony for you.

To understand the meaning and interpretations of your dream, you must observe the details of your dream like what was snake doing in the dream, what was the color, and how you felt during the dream. Let’s continue reading more in detail about these dream scenarios.

Dream Meaning of a Flying Snake Chasing You or Attacking You

If the flying snake in your dream is chasing you or trying to attack you or threaten you then it may depict, you may soon land up in a tough stage or come across a problem that will be hard to avoid and solve. Your efforts to prevent or avoid will go to waste. You may take a more clear clue by observing the color of the snake. Let’s take a look at what these colors suggest. If the flying snake in your dream which is chasing you is black in color, then it may indicate betrayal or sudden surprise attack, or a surprise problem coming your way.

You may feel shattered as this may come from someone who you thought to be your biggest well-wisher.  The green color is a symbol of sustainability and development, so a flying snake of green color chasing you might be a threat to your basic living or viability. The significance of flying here is again smooth or swift flow or entry of the problem in your life. Take your dream as a sign and stop trusting people blindly.

If the color of the snake is white in your dream in a similar dream scenario, it may indicate what you have been avoiding or ignoring knowing it was wrong will now come to you. The dream may have an association with addictions or certain tendencies or habits of you which may put you into trouble soon.

Dream Meaning of a Flying Snake Running Away

If you see a flying snake in a dream is running from you then it may indicate your rivals or problems will surrender or give up soon. The flying significance here would be again that this all will happen so quickly that you will not get time for retaliation or vengeance. Now about the colors, if the color of the snake is green, it may indicate smooth life ahead. If the color of the snake is black, it may indicate you will save yourself from betrayals, either the betrayers will go away from your life or you will be able to surpass them swiftly.

Dream Meaning of Snakes Everywhere: What Does It Mean, Let’s Understand It!

Seeing Snakes Everywhere

What does it mean when you dream of snakes all around you? To understand the dream meaning of snakes all around you need to first understand what does a snake in a dream symbolizes or What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about snakes? A snake in your dream spiritually may have an association with your self-development or improvement, metamorphosis, transfiguration, and revitalization. On a negative note, it may also represent the presence of noxious, venomous, malicious, or vindictive people or energies (vibes) around you in your waking life.

If you have been recurringly seeing dreams of snakes everywhere then it is a clear indication that through your dream symbol i.e. Snake, your subconscious mind is demanding your attention over something major in your waking life. It could be in terms of good and bad situations, energies, people, or your personal state of being. The dream may be a sign of warning or a spiritual call and to understand the dream meaning, you need to closely analyze the signals which are evident but not getting noticed by you in your waking life situations. Let’s continue reading in this article in detail about all these signals and What Does the Dream Of Snakes Everywhere Mean?

Seeing Snakes Everywhere
Seeing Snakes Everywhere, Image Credit: Aloaiza

Dream Meaning of Seeing Snakes Everywhere

The dream meaning of snakes everywhere may be an indication of some kind of profusion or superabundance in your waking life. This profusion may relate to your enemies, problems, betrayal from loved ones or friends, or deceit. Do not be scared as such a dream may also represent a plethora of positive energy and awakening also in terms of some aspect of your own individuality like sexual energies, desires, or spiritual awakening or transformations.

If you see yourself walking on snakes everywhere, it may indicate that you may soon have to confront or experience your frights like illness, disloyalty, revelation, fraud, or cheating in your waking life.

Seeing snakes everywhere in dreams crawling around you may also be an indication of some unexplored or unexploited aspect of your personality or some incomplete and unsettled business conflict or issue of your life. Snakes around you everywhere in dreams may also represent toxic relationships or your bottled-up or suppressed feelings.

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Why Am I having this Recurring Dream?

If you are having this dream on a recurring basis then it may be an indication that you need to acknowledge something urgently in your life. It could be people, some vicious situations, stress, your fears, or even your unexploited or explored energies. Are you stuck up in a never-ending or a super tricky problem in your waking life? Are you not happy in your relationship and still living in it because of social fears?

Are you affected by something, some bad incidence that could be physical or mental, some old grudges, or over unspoken inner conflicts? Such a dream may also be related to your overwhelming sexual fantasies or desires.

Is it a Good or Bad Dream?

Dream of snakes everywhere is not a bad dream literally, but it can be taken as a warning to be cautious of something venomous in your life. Positively, such a dream is the need for healing or an expression or an acknowledgment of that spiritual energy or any other aspect associated with your personality which can transform your life.

What does it mean to dream of cutting off a snake’s head?

Dream of cutting off a snake's head

What does it mean to dream of cutting off a snake’s head? Cutting of snake’s head in your dream is a reflection of your inner conflict. The dream may also be a reflection of your desire to overcome a certain habit or trait which you feel is poisoning your life. Do you have anger issues or feel anxious or jealous with someone’s success? What does it mean to dream of a headless snake? A headless snake in your dream is a sign of an upcoming danger in your life.

You may not have noticed that danger or it may be you don’t want to acknowledge it, so trying to ignore it. What does it mean to cut a snake in a dream? Cutting a snake’s head in your dream may reflect the troubles you might have to face to overcome a tough situation of your waking life. Let’s scroll down to explore more about the dream and the interpretations associated with it.

Dream of cutting off a snake's head
Dream of cutting off a snake’s head, Photo Credit: Facebook/Jill Scott Mollett

Dream Meaning of a Headless Snake

The head of the snake is that part of his body that is the most dangerous as it has poison inside. So if the head is missing then it may indicate that problems are missing or have come to an end. But there is another dream scenario where the headless snake in your dream is trying to attack you or scare you. Such a dream scenario is suggestive of troubles and difficulties that you will have to face while fighting with the most troubling situation of your waking life. You really need to buck up yourself as success is not going to come easy.

The dream of the headless snake on the contrary may also reflect uncertain and threatening or vicious circumstances coming your way. As the head is missing, you will not even get to know from where the reptile is going to attack you. Such a dream scenario may also be a sign of your inability to judge the danger or deliberate ignorance.

What does it mean to cut a snake in a dream?

In your dream, if you can cut the snake’s head and it is dead, it is considered as a good sign. The dream indicates your desire to put an end to your anxieties, conflicts, or problems in your waking life and also your success in doing so. There is a related dream scenario in which you are not cutting the snake’s head but rather helping someone in doing so.

Here the dream meaning literally is the same but that someone in your dream represents someone in your waking life who will help you in ending your botherations or problems of your waking life.

Dream Meaning of Cutting the Snake with an Axe, Sword, or any Other Sharp Weapon

The sharpness of the object or weapon you see in your dream depicts the intensity of your desire or urge to end your problems. The weapon or object that you see in your dream also reflects that you are not in the mood or situation to take any more of it. Basically, you are cutting off, you don’t want to surrender or bear anymore.

You are ready to fight the troubling situation of your waking life knowing its powerful impact or intensity but not ready to settle with it anymore.

Seeing Black Snake in Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Seeing Black Snake in Dream

What Does It Mean To See A Black Snake In Dream? A black snake in your dream may be an indication of a significant change which is required in your waking life. It could be that something in your life is trying to get your attention badly. Black snakes in your dream may also be associated with your deep dark hidden feelings, anxieties and sorrows. What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A Black Snake Trying To Bite You?

If the black snake in your dream is trying to bite you, that suggest that someone around will betray or fool you or play with you for their personal selfish motives. Being bitten by black snake in dream is symbolic of deceit, cheating, fraudulence or slyness. A dream of black snake is associated with both positive and negative interpretations, let’s read more in this section about – What Does Dreaming About Black Snakes Mean?

Seeing Black Snake in Dream
Seeing Black Snake in Dream | Image Credit:

Chased or Bitten By Black Snake in Dream

If a black snake is chasing you in your dream then it suggests some sort of restlessness which is going on in your mind and troubling you. Such a dream is an indication of your own negative suppressed thoughts or emotions. Something is really bothering you or maybe it is about negative anticipation.

The dream suggests you are trapped in your own negativity and it is not letting to you to come to a conclusion or decision about something in your waking life. Maybe you are feeling insecure or doubting your interpretation or skills about a decision or situation in your waking  life.

Feelings during the Dream

Your feelings matters a lot while interpreting your dream of Black snake. So recall your feelings during the dream, what your reaction was when you saw the black snake or when it was approaching you or maybe threatening you.

If you were panicked or intimidated or terrorized by its presence in your dream then it may indicate the disharmony of your heart and mind. Maybe things on surface look promising or fulfilling but deep inside the real satisfaction or happiness is missing and through the dream, your subconscious is expressing that.

Such a situation would also indicate that you are clueless about a dangerous situation or person around you. If you are feeling too scared or getting goose bumps then it may be a reflection of your frightful state of mind. Maybe old memories of a real life struggle of a problematic phase of your life are still haunting your subconscious mind or it could be an ongoing struggle over a problem.


Presence of a black snake in your dream may also be suggestive of a major transformation which is required for your mental or physical well-being. It may also be realization of some trait of your personality which you never noticed or acknowledged.

If you see a black snake which was cut into two pieces then it may be a sign that you need to work on your social skills. You need to learn to say no if you think you are over generous or considerate to people and if the case is just the opposite, try to empathize with people. Mutual respect and rumination is the key to healthy relationships.

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Dream Meaning of Snake in the House: What Does It Mean to See Snake in Dream?

Snake in the House

What does seeing a snake in your house mean? Seeing a Snake in the House in your Dream represents presence of noxious or toxic people around you. Is it good or bad to see snake in dream? Snake in your house may represent monetary problems, trust issues or negative intentions about someone.

Understand What Does It Mean When You See Snake In Your Dream? A snake in your house in your dream may be indicative of some ongoing problematic situation which is now demanding quick or final addressal or an end. Keep reading to know more in detail about what is the spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams and A Snake In Your House In Your Dream Meaning.

Snake in the House
Snake in the House

Spiritual Meaning of Snake in the House in Your Dream

Spiritually, presence of a snake in your dream symbolizes transmutation or transfiguration. Seeing a snake in your dream may suggest you are moving towards a better self of yours, it could be related to personal aspects of your way of being or relationships or even professional attributes. But seeing snake in your house in your dream may also symbolize a lethal or poisonous male figure around you. To understand the right purpose of your dream it is very important to observe actions of the reptile and your feelings or reactions during dream.

Snake in the House
Snake in the House

For instance, if snake is harming you or biting you or trying to swallow you then it may suggest some aspect of your waking life needs a desperate change. You have to let go any regrets of past or any other suppressed feeling which is now showing its sign on surface of your behavior or peace of mind. It may also indicate presence of some person in your life who is not keeping good intentions for your or may harm your mentally, physically or may be financially.

Seeing a Snake Entering Your House

Seeing a snake entering your house may indicate presence or arrival of someone in your house who can be dangerous to your relationships or may cause harm of any kind. Basically, such dream is a sign of caution against that uninvited guest or intruder in your waking life. You need to be careful as this obnoxious personality is going to take control of your life or may absolutely affect your relationships or reputation.

Is seeing snakes a sign of some good or bad in dream?

Seeing a snake in your house may be a sign of some threatening situation or incidence in your waking life. House in your dream may not literally represent house in your dream rather it may represent anything which can give you comfort, protection or even warmth of your house. It may be your personal relationships, your family and your money or may be your subconscious state of mind.

Snake in the House
Snake in the House

Let’s take a look at the possible interpretations of seeing snake in your house in your dream:

  • Snake in your house in your dream is suggestive of an on-going or upcoming Financial Strain in your waking life
  • It is suggestive of fights, suspicions or differences in personal relationships.
  •  It may also signify your negative intentions against someone in your waking life.
  • Dream may also suggest your  sorrow or miser-ability and attempts to get rid of your present residence or job.
  • Seeing a snake under your bed or pillow in your house in dream may suggest string sexual urges.
  • Seeing a snake in your kitchen is indicative of a dangerous ongoing situation or incidence in your waking life.

Article Title: Dream Meaning of Snake in the House: What Does It Mean to See Snake in Dream?
Article first published on August 14, 2020.

Silver Coloured Snake Dream Meaning: Let’s Understand Dream Meaning

Silver Colored Snake

Dream Meaning Of Silver Colored Snake signifies monetary gains, but Dream Interpretation of Silver Colored Snake may change if your emotional state during the dream is disturbed. If you are threatened by the presence of Silver Snake In Your Dream then it is symbolic of deception or treachery.

Bitten by Silver Colored Snake In Your Dream Is A Bad Sign? If you see yourself getting a snake bite by a silver Colored snake then it may lead to both positive and negative interpretations. Keep reading to know more about Dream Meaning Of Silver Colored Snake and Associated Interpretations.

Silver Colored Snake
Silver Colored Snake

Meaning of Silver Colored Snake Dream

Seeing a silver colored snake in your dream is mostly associated with monetary concerns but as per many interpretations a silver snake is also symbolic of dreamer’s sixth sense or clairvoyance. Such a dream may also reflect dreamer’s inspiring capabilities of focusing or portraying things taking care of every small detail.

Silver as a metal is considered as an auspicious metal which is symbolic of good wealth. A silver colored snake in your dream is also associated with good fortune, financial or monetary gains. But it may also mean losses or deceit if you were feeling unhappy or scared during your dream.

Silver Colored Snake
Silver Colored Snake

To interpret the Dream Meaning of a Silver Colored Snake it is very important to analyze your feelings or emotions during the dream. If you see a Silver Snake in your dream and you were okay or perfectly in fine and sound state of mind during that time then it may mean that you are soon going to get a favorable opportunity. This  upcoming opportunity in your waking life which will get you lots of money and fortune.

If you are too petrified by Silver Snake In Your Dream then it signifies betrayal from someone close to you. This someone could be your friend, colleague or may be just an acquaintance that will soon get close to you for selfish reasons. Your dream here is a warning to stay careful of envious or dubious people in your waking life as their betrayal may cause you financial losses or misery.

Being Bitten By a Silver Snake in Your Dream

If you see Silver Snake In Your Dream threatening you and biting you then this dream is a negative dream and indicates losses and misery. However, if you are unaffected by snake bite in your dream then it may signify upcoming opportunities or gains in transit.

Silver Colored Snake
Silver Colored Snake

Why Am I Seeing this Dream?

Silver Colored Snake Dream is a common dream for those who are in struggling phase in their life. It may also be a common dream for those who are venturing into new business or may be going through expansions or mergers. Your feelings during the dream are of utmost importance, so if you are unaffected or not scared with the presence of this beautiful metallic textured reptile then surely future is booming and flourishing.

If you were scared then take the dream as a warning or message from your own instinctive subconscious soul, don’t trust people blindly. Your so-called Well Wishers In your waking life may give you jitters and may become the reason of your downfall.

Article first published on July 19, 2020.

Killing a Snake in Your Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Killing a Snake in Dream

Killing a Snake in Your Dream depicts some positive change or opportunities that will help you overcome hurdles. The snake in your dream can represent your inner power, energies, suppressed feelings or emotions and killing a snake in the dream is an indication that you need to tame and channelise this energy or get rid of the emotional disturbing memories or suppressed feelings.

Things may look calm and okay on the surface, but somewhere you are not able to battle your storm of emotions inside you and killing of snake is associated with this fight of yours. To understand killing a snake dream meaning, it is very important to observe the environment and your feelings or reactions. This article sheds light on the detailed meaning and interpretation of Killing a Snake in Your Dream.

Dead Snake Dream Meaning
Dead Snake Dream Meaning

What does Killing a Snake in Your Dreams Symbolizes?

Killing a snake dream meaning is a symbol of revival, restoration and regeneration. The dream suggests that you have an unconquerable power inside you that can help you come out of depression or other emotional issues which are slowly choking you from inside.

The dream is a reflection of the unbeatable spirit, your subconscious mind is suggesting you to gather up your spirits and fight with the situation. Killing a Snake Dream symbolizes your victory over your fear or emotional burdens that are affecting you and your soul.

Aspects and Interpretations

  • Dream of walking over snakes and killing them suggests that you have the ability to change,  with your strong determination, you can change your circumstances or fate, the dream is a sign that it’s time to face the challenges and bend things and situations in your favor.
  • Dream of killing a baby snake suggests that you need to be careful with your money spending habits; your extravagant habits may cause problems in future, building a sound future of your child is your responsibility, so start acting wisely before its too late.
  • Dream of killing a boa constrictor indicates that you can overcome the tough times (huge ones like the creature in dream) which are coming your way, so don’t give up and believe in yourself.  The dream is a positive sign and proves the strength of your character
  • Dream of killing more than one or two snakes indicates danger, deceit. You need to be very careful with your enemies or hostile people; they may backstab you or cheat you in the near future. The dream also indicates your struggle with some illness or physical ailment.
Killing a Snake in Dream
Killing a Snake in Dream
  • Killing in your dream of the more than one snake suggest that you can overcome the difficult situations or can prevent yourself from harm from such people in your life.
  • Dream of walking over snake without trying to kill them indicates that with due course of time things will go in your favour; justice can be delayed but not denied.
  • Dream of cutting a snake with a knife suggest your strong desire to come out of a situation which is killing your peace. It could be a relationship or any another situation which is acting as the ticking bomb in your head.

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Why do I have Dream of Killing Snake

Dream of killing snake indicates your inner fear, your limitations, toxic memories or relationships. Killing of snake in your dream can be taken as a sign from your subconscious mind to act. Time has come to deal with these issues and find a way-out.

The dream of killing snake can be associated with many situations or conditions. Dream is very common for those who are facing difficulties at work or with people who just hate their job. You may also see the dream if you are suffering from some illness or have relationship issues like fear of commitment, breakup etc.

Article first published on May 19, 2020.

Dead Snake Dream Meaning and Interpretation: Let’s Understand

Dead Snake Dream

A Dead Snake Dream is interpreted as a positive dream, the dream symbolises rebirth or you can say a fresh start, life is coming back to square one and giving you an opportunity to follow your passion and succeed or to use your experiences as the milestone for a new journey.

Dead Snake Dream Interpretation throws light on the fact that snakes sloughs off its old skin and starts a new life, similarly in your life, snake dream represents a new beginning or regeneration, the dream indicates you will overcome your difficulties despite of all the odd situations. The Dead Snake Dream Meaning can be interpreted more clearly when we consider the actual surroundings or details of the dream. Keep reading further…

Dead Snake Dream
Dead Snake Dream

Dream of Dead Snake Symbolises Rebirth and Regrowth

Dream of Dead Snake is a Positive Omen, just like life force energy which is associated with rebirth, a dead snake dream is associated with a new life, the dream implies that you will evolve to be better person, your subconscious mind is reminding you of your abilities to evolve, so let go off the past and make a move to a fresh start in life.

The Dream of Dead Snake Symbolises personal growth, the dream suggests that you need to come out of your protective skin, let go off your worries and hesitations and work towards betterment. Dream is a signal that it’s time to unleash your hidden potential, things will surely turn your way; you need to put in your honest efforts to the new beginning or opportunity.

Various Aspects to the Dream

A live snake is a symbol of deceit or dissatisfaction and quite opposite to this theory Dead Snake Dream Interpretation emphasizes on positivity and hope. Let’s take a look at the different interpretations associated with the dream under different environments.

  • Dream of a dead snake in the water implies that you just need to closely observe, there are many unknown opportunities around you. Dream of a dead snake floating on a lake or any other water body also implies that you may get positive guidance or advice from two people.  A dead snake in the bathtub reflects your fear, some sort of threat or insecurity in personal life or work life.
  • Dream of Dead Snake with no head implies that difficult times are around but don’t lose hope, things will go in your favour in the end.
  • Dream of eating the dead snake symbolises good fortune.
  • Dream of being chased by snake, which later dies in your dream suggests that an unexpected surprise or a gift from someone unknown is on the way.
  • Dream of more than one dead snake is a sign of exceptionally good times or fortune, the dream also is a sign of a sound and happy family life.
  • Dream of Dead snake getting alive suggests that you need to completely wash off your hidden past, talking or discussing those incidents will only lead to further revelation and cause you emotional harm.

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Dead Snake Dream Meaning
Dead Snake Dream Meaning

Interpretations Based on Colours

Dead snake dream interpretations are also based on the colour of the snake, a dead white snake in your dream suggest the need of connection with the higher self or spiritualism in your life. Let’s understand other colours too:

  • Dream of black and blue dead snake is a sign of jubilation and happy times in future.
  • Dream of green dead snake suggests that your insecurities and fears will soon disappear, the dream suggest that you will soon be out of reach of fake people or back stabbers.
  • Dream of dead purple snake suggests that someone close to you will heal or recover from his/her mental problems.
  • Dream of dead red snake is a sign of passion; your future holds some passionate experiences for you.
  • Dream of dead yellow snake is a sign of a prosperous future.

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Snake Bite Dream Meaning and Interpretation: Let’s Explore!

Snake Dream Meaning

Dreams…If I quote it in simple words of German author Elias Canetti- “All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams”. Know what your dreams say and mean, is it a warning or is it an announcement for some good? In this article read about Snake Bite Dream Meaning and Snake Bite Dream Interpretation.

Seeing a snake in your dreams mean you need to channelize your energies in the right perspective or you need to take hold on to your energies to give in to certain forbidden temptations. Your inner feelings, grudges, antipathy or may be a heart break which is affecting your inner peace and suffocating you, just the same way poison suffocates a person to death.

Snake Dream Meaning
Snake Dream Meaning

What does it mean when a snake bites you in a dream?

If I give a crux of the meaning of a snake bite, it means some hidden fear or temptation that has impacted your life a lot. To understand Snake Bite Dream Meaning, you also need to understand what your reaction to it was and what the surrounding situations were.

If you are threatened by the snake bite in your dream it means, you are finding it tough to battle with your inner feelings especially the hidden ones. If you dream of a snake jumping out of grass to bite you it may be a warning of a bad news that could possibly annoy you or depress you.

It may also mean a warning or threat of bowing your knees to some alternative negative temptations or a loss that you have already suffered owing to your slavery to these irresistible addictions.

Snake Bite Dream Interpretation
Snake Bite Dream Interpretation

Spiritual meaning of a snake bite

So is snake bite dream, good or bad? Spiritual meaning of snake bite dream, if we interpret, a snake bite dream means a long bound situation of hatred or guilt or inability to forgive. Clearly it means it is time to come over it, give yourself a chance, try to forgive or forget whether it is you or someone else. Majorly it denotes self forgiveness.

An epiphany which is hard for you to deal with could also be reason for a snake bite dream. These feelings of anxiety, low esteem and depression that is surrounding your aura for long needs to fade now and a fresh start is the need of time.

Why do you have dream of snake bite?

Largely Snake Bite Dream Meaning is associated with many theories like mythologically if we interpret it, then snakes are a symbol of betrayal, some sort of trickery, sexual urges or temptation.

Basically your hidden fears to being slave to your hidden passions, a snake bite dream is a connection to those hidden unconscious thoughts that are inside you, you must understand how important it is to give it over if it is a negative temptation or, and if not, then try to overcome that thought process of fear and face it.

Snake biting you in your dreams could also be interpreted as your inner guilt, inability to forgive, forget and move on, which is leading you to a self destruction mode and poisoning your soul.

Snake Dream Meaning
Snake Dream Meaning

Snake on your body and bites you, what does it mean?

This situation is the situation of entrapment; it could be a feeling of suffocation of being trapped into a toxic relationship or some other marital difficulties or divorce. This sequence of recurring problematic relationships of your past or present, a snake bite reflects this negative situation and somewhere it also symbolizes an end to it, mean you will soon be getting over it.

Article first published on May 2, 2020.