Video Games Dream Meaning: Is it normal to dream about video games?

Video Games Dream Meaning

What does dream about video games mean? The dream meaning of video games may be associated with aspects, desires, or feelings of your waking life. Video games in dreams may represent a lot based on which videogame you were playing, did you win the game, were you happy while playing the game, and more details. What does it mean to dream about buying a video game? If you see yourself buying a video game in your dream then perhaps your dream is about repentance, self-reproach, or condemnation about something that’s over now. Perhaps you are trying to cover it or create it again.

The kind of video game you play in your dream would be the best clue about the message the dream is carrying for you. What does it mean to dream about being lost in gaming? If you lost in the video game in your dream then perhaps you are feeling the same in your waking life. Continue reading in detail about this and Video Games Dream Meaning: Is it normal to dream about video games?

Video Games Dream Meaning
Video Games Dream Meaning, Image Credit: Soupmeister

Dream Meaning of Playing Video Games

The dream meaning of playing video game sin dream may be associated with the fear of change, focus issues, nostalgia, anxiety, escapism, manipulations, lack of expression, or desires. The theme, characters, or actions that you have to perform in the video game may have a deep connection with the message that your subconscious mind wishes to convey through the dream. You need to find which video game you were playing in the dream and what you were doing in that game in the dream.

Is it normal to dream about video games? Playonh video games in dreams are normal. Through your dream, your subconscious is representing your desires, emotions, or current state of mind in your waking life. You need to consider the details and dream scenarios, for instance, if you see yourself fighting with someone in a dream over playing a video game then perhaps you are feeling guilty about not giving your time or attention to someone in your waking life. Let’s read in detail!

Actions in Video Games

What your character in a video game is doing may suggest a lot about your dream meaning. For instance, if you see your character fighting with a competitor or performing a challenging task then it may reflect the same going on in your waking life. Are you dealing with your superiors, fellow workers, or competitors in your waking life? You might be struggling to take over or win over a situation in your waking life as your character is doing in the game.

Dream Meaning of Losing in Video Game

If you see yourself losing in the game then it may suggest the same, perhaps you are feeling inadequate, have low confidence or have self-doubts. Or maybe your plans are not right or maybe you are missing something important. On the contrary, if you successfully reach the next level in your dream then maybe your dream is reflecting your confidence, determination, and most important desire to grow and excel in life.

Dream Meaning of Dying in Video Game

If your character in a video game dies, then perhaps you are failing somewhere in your waking life. Maybe you are failing the expectations of your family, parents, teachers, bosses, and so on. The dream may also reflect escapism or avoidance. Are you running away from something in your waking life? Maybe an important problem or situation in your life requires your attention or action and you have been avoiding it altogether.

If your character in the video game in a dream is building something, then maybe it is a sign of lack of expression in your waking life. Building in dreams may suggest that you are not expressing yourself the way you should be. On a different note, the dream might also suggest that you are carving for attention or not getting the credit for your good work in your waking life.

Type of Video Game in Dream

The kind of video game you see yourself playing in the dream may also be the clue. For instance, if you see yourself playing Role-playing games like Star Wars, The witcher 3, etc. then maybe you are escaping from situations. You are pretending that something is not urgent or you are not aware of it.

Playing simulation games like The Sims or Clash of Royale may reflect trickery, cover-ups, counter conspiracies, or manipulations.

Fun Games like Mario may represent nostalgia for good times or childhood. Perhaps, you are feeling anxious about something or some problem in your waking life and desiring that it to be over. Perhaps you are carving for carefree or fun times of childhood maybe.