Swimming Dream Interpretation: What does it mean to dream of swimming?

What does it mean when you dream about swimming? Dream meaning of swimming is associated with our inner emotions and state of mind while dealing or coping with the situations of our waking life. The dream may have positive and negative interpretations on the basis of what you were feeling during the dream, what kind of water was it, your surroundings and also where you were swimming. To interpret the dream clearly you need to observe the details of your dream.

What is the spiritual meaning of swimming in a dream? Spiritually, a swimming dream may be sign to re-establish the connection with your own subconscious mind. There is a need to analyze and rejuvenate your inner emotions and feelings. Seeing yourself drowning while swimming in water may suggest difficulties and delays. Keep scrolling to know in detail about – What does it mean to dream of swimming?

Swimming Dream Interpretation
Swimming Dream Interpretation | Image Credit: Wikipedia

Meaning and Interpretations of Swimming Dream

If you see yourself swimming in water and heading towards a particular direction or point or destination then it may indicate that coming times of your life are going to be rewarding. Or if you see yourself effortlessly swimming in water or swimming in the direction of stream then it may be an indication of success. You will achieve your goals or may solve your problems in coming times.

On the contrary, if you see yourself swimming but struggling with the current, then it may indicate obstacles and difficulties in way of your goals and success. If you see yourself swimming backwards in dream then it may depict that you are living in a bubble. You need to accept the truth, this self illusion or fallacy may not work for you.

Swimming under the water in dream may indicate that you are going through an emotional phase in your waking life, it is like you are standing on the crossroads and you are not able to choose in which direction you should move further. Let’s read few more associated details.

Who You Are Swimming With in Dream?

It may also be very relevant to know and understand who you were swimming with in your dream. If you see yourself swimming with some person or a human then it may indicate that you are blessed with genuine people or friends around.

If you see yourself swimming with some animal or some water species like fishes, dolphins then it may indicate some kind of shift, switch, transformation or maybe an alteration in your coming times. It may also indicate that you are too obsessed with yourself right now and not able to see or feel other’s feelings and needs. Swimming with an animal may also indicate that are energetic or high spirited in your waking life.

Condition of Water in Your Dream

The surroundings and the condition of water do play a very important role in interpreting and understanding the meaning of swimming dream. For instance if you see yourself swimming in crystal clear water then it is considered as a positive sign as it may indicate happiness and success. Seeing yourself swimming in dirty water in your dream may indicate struggle, troubles and tough times.

Article first published on March 27, 2021.

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