Rain Dream Meaning and Interpretation: What does heavy rain in a dream mean?

What Happens If Rain Comes In Dream? To dream of rain may indicate that a fruitful period of your life may soon begin. Stay positive about your goals and ideas, as a rain in your dream may be a symbol of success and progression. However, certain details of your dream may also change the meaning of your dream like if just see rain, then it is a positive symbol but if rain comes with thunderstorms in your dream, then it may signify something else.

Such dreams may be reflection of your aggressive behavior which is becoming the cause of your problems and conflicts in your waking life. Thunderstorms in your dream may also mean that some aspect or situation of your life is demanding your attention. Continue scrolling to know more about – What Does It Mean When You Dream About Rain and What Does Heavy Rain In A Dream Mean?

Rain Dream Meaning
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Heavy Rainfall in Your Dream

What type of rain do you see in your dream may also indicate the purpose or meaning of your dream. For instance, if you saw heavy continuous fall of rain in your house in dream then it may indicate that your efforts to change a situation or maybe one of your own annoying traits may take a longer time than what you expected. Your desired transformation or progression will not be easy for you and will take a lot of effort and perseverance from you.

Such a dream may also be a sign that you need to control your temperament in your waking life. Your aggression or rage is one of the most contributing elements of your frequent fights and quarrels with people in your waking life. And through your dream your subconscious is asking you to control it as it may harm your relations (professional and personal) in your waking life

Rainstorms or Cloud Bursts in Your Dream

If you saw a rainstorm inside your house then it may be sign of a challenging situation for you to deal with soon in your waking life. Rainstorms or cloud bursts in your dream may also represent bottling up negativity in your life. Maybe situations or circumstances around you in your waking life may not be pleasant or depressing but you need to understand it is just a phase and it will pass too.

All you need to do is stay positive and hopeful; nothing is permanent in life and this holds true for your unpleasant phase too. Your negativity will only further attract problems and sorrows in your life so you need to get rid of it.

Light Rainfall in Your Dream

If you see light rain fall in your dream then it may be a sign that you will overcome problems of your life soon. Rainfall in your dream represents here difficulties of your waking life and a light shower of rainfall is a sign of short life of this ongoing problem of your life.

If you see light rainfall in your house in a dream then it may indicate that some aspect of your personality or life needs to change. And a light shower of rainfall in your dream in your house suggests less effort and easy transformation.

Color of Rain Water in Your Dream

Likewise, the color of rain water in your dream may also be a sign and have a particular meaning. If you saw red colored rain water pouring inside your house then it is a positive sign as it symbolizes good vibes and positivity.

The coming times of your waking life will get you positive support, encouragement and lots of success at work. If you saw black colored rainwater in your dream then it symbolizes radical transformation or a major switch which you need to adapt in your coming life.

What does it mean to dream about heavy rain and flood?

Dreaming of heavy rain or dark clouds accompanied by a downpour can indicate significant spiritual growth and a forthcoming positive change in your life. Dreaming of rainwater overflowing can symbolize a recent windfall, whether it be financial or a stroke of good luck. Some cultures even regard dreams of overflowing rainwater as auspicious signs of forthcoming positive changes in fortune.

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